The Cause Of Anxiety Accompanied By Palpitations And Easy Stomach Full When Eating

Hello, I used to have a fever and stomach ache, if you eat a little the taste is very full and then always eat weak. Then if every time I get a little sleep I feel hard to sleep because my heart is beating so fast that I’m sweating. After the pain was healed. Every time I went out of the house there was a sense of panic, making my breath short and my body very weak until cold sweat came out until my face was pale. Before I was sick and caused such an effect, I was well. only. Want to go where u0026sup2; it’s okay and good u0026sup2; only .. but after illness and recover arrived u0026sup2; panic and anxiety appear like that which makes me so afraid to come out and always feel safe when at home. It really disturbs my productivity. Because I am a person who really likes to walk u0026sup2 ;, play and others arrive u0026sup2; so afraid to get outKira u0026sup2; it hurts what and I have to how Thank you

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The condition that you experience with the anxiety that you feel can be related to several things, i.e.

Psychosomatic where the condition is loud, difficult to sleep associated with the psychological condition that you experience so that the psychological experience affects the symptoms

Dyspepsia is a disorder in the stomach area that occurs in the form of an increase in stomach acid where this can be affected due to lifestyle or anxiety
Anxiety disorders are psychological conditions that emerge with feelings of anxiety about the things that happen

This is with the current plague conditions you should be at home first and do things like

Fill your time for activities that you enjoy doing
Eat regularly
Expand about 2 liters of fluid per day
Exercise regularly
It's enough

If high fever, very severe pain, vomiting there is blood, black bowel should be to the nearest hospital

Thus information may be useful

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