The Cause Of Babies Aged 1 Month Is Often Shocked?

I have a baby aged 1 month. my baby often during sleep suddenly crying like a frightened with legs and hands raised. what is caused? and how to handle it?

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When in the uterus, the fetus is in the most comfortable position, protected by the mother's uterus and the amniotic fluid that surrounds it. All this comfort disappears suddenly when he is born. Therefore, of course he needs time to adapt in responding to environmental conditions that are relatively inconvenient when he is still in the womb, namely noise, glare, and so on. This adaptation process can require different times, can be fast, can also be slow.

The condition of your baby who often woke up and cried loudly like fear often happens naturally because babies who have not been able to adapt properly respond to changes in their environment. Therefore, a little disturbance (which is often not realized by the adults around him) can then shock him, then cry. Not only that, the reflex motion of your baby, like lifting his legs and arms up, can also be part of his primitive reflexes (precisely called the Moro reflexes) that have not disappeared completely.

No need to panic. As we get older, complaints like this will generally improve on their own. What you should do:

Create a regular sleep schedule and baby activities every day
Teach your baby to recognize the difference between day and night, for example by making the home atmosphere noisy and bright during the day, and making the home quiet and dim at night
Don't make it a habit to put the baby to sleep while being carried or over-swung. Train him to sleep alone, for example while gently stroked his body, sung humming lullaby, and so on
So that the baby feels in a cuddle, you can prop the right and left sides of the baby with a thin pillow or rolled towel while he sleeps
If the baby wakes up and cries in fear, don't panic, soothe him in a good way

If your baby's condition does not improve for a long time, or seems to recur very often, you can see it directly to your doctor or pediatrician. It is feared, his condition is caused by other health problems, for example febrile seizures, epilepsy, bleeding in the brain, and so on.

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