The Cause Of Babies Are Often Hiccups?

I often consume ice and drink cold drinks when I am pregnant, the fetus in my stomach often feels hiccuping, even after giving birth to my child too often hiccups, is that the influence of cold drinks that I consume during pregnancy? Now my child is only 1 month old and this is my second child, in the past my first child did not experience hiccups like his second child.

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In the medical world, hiccups are known as singultus. Hiccups are sudden unintentional contractions in the diaphragm so that air suction arises suddenly into the lungs through the space between the glottis (vocal cords). This process causes a typical "hik" sound. There are several possible causes of hiccups, including:

Excessive air entry when the baby suckles or cries
Strange the diaphragm from eating too fast, drinking water too cold, eating food that is too hot or spicy, laughing or coughing too hard, and drinking alcoholic drinks.
Diaphragmatic nerve disorders
Impaired electrolyte balance

It is very unlikely that hiccups in infants are related to a history of consumption of drinking by the mother while still pregnant. Generally hiccups can disappear by itself. Here are some tips that can be done to speed up the cessation of hiccups in infants:

If hiccups occur when the baby is suckling, give a pause while calming the baby
Burp baby after brushing
Make sure the position is suckling properly to prevent excessive air entry when the baby is suckling

In general, hiccups are not something to worry about. However, watch out for hiccups if it continues for more than 1 hour. Avoid efforts to stop hiccups in a risky way, such as shocking the baby, swallowing the eyelids, or pulling the baby's tongue. Do not hesitate to check your baby to the doctor or pediatrician if hiccups continue to occur and can not be overcome.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about hiccups in babies. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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