The Cause Of Baby’s 4-month Urine Is Slightly Brownish Red?

Illustration of The Cause Of Baby’s 4-month Urine Is Slightly Brownish Red?
Illustration: The Cause Of Baby’s 4-month Urine Is Slightly Brownish Red?

Hello … I want to ask … why is my child 3 days, he peed a little, and is rather red like an adult who rarely drinks? My child is 4 months over 7 days. Drinking is indeed a little reduced. And indeed lately he was more happy holding the front facing git sitting position. Even though he still can’t lie on his stomach or tilt himself … Can that be the cause of his pee being so rare huh? So wory. thank you

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Hello Uut,

In babies, the urine is normally clear yellow to dark yellow, the more concentrated the color of urine indicates less fluid intake, so that the color of urine can be dark brownish yellow. Please try to give enough fluids to the baby then observe the change in urine color whether it returns to normal or not.

Apart from lack of fluid intake, a change in the color of baby's urine to reddish or brown like tea can be caused due to the following diseases / disorders:

Urinary tract infection
Disorders of the kidney such as glomerulonephritis
Inflammation of the liver
Urinary tract disorders such as stones or trauma
Biliary system disorders
Disorders of red blood cell breakdown

To determine the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to do a urinalysis examination to prove whether the reddish color of the urine is due to the presence of red blood or there are other components that should not be present in the urine (for example: protein). Position in infants generally does not affect the ability of the baby to urinate. Urinary disorders in infants are usually caused by obstruction in the mouth of the urethra for example due to phimosis in male infants, urinary tract infections, urinary tract stones, urinary tract structure disorders, dehydration conditions, etc.

It's best to try to give your baby enough fluids and observe changes in your baby's urine. If there is no change and other symptoms appear in the baby, such as fever, fussy babies when they want to urinate, can not urinate at all, appear reddish / swollen at the end of the baby's urinary tract, the baby looks yellow, you should take it to be examined directly by a doctor. Appropriate treatment will be given depending on the results of the examination. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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