The Cause Of Baby’s Body Temperature Is Often High?

Illustration of The Cause Of Baby’s Body Temperature Is Often High?
Illustration: The Cause Of Baby’s Body Temperature Is Often High?

good evening doctor, I want to ask .. my child since the age of 3 months often warm his body .. around 37.0 – 37.8 .. when it’s up to 37.8 right away I give heat reliever .. is that normal huh, now my child is more than 10 months old, but it’s just sm … it’s already been to the pediatrician but it’s the same, there’s no sign of my child getting hot … now I don’t care about my child anymore, I was so resigned to massage the same only .. the temperature never 36.3 that was only a day 2 days, then back again 37.0 and above .. please enlighten me ?? is this reasonable ?? I was confused about the various ways I had done, but the results were not satisfying … thank you doctor ..

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Hello Risca, thanks for the question to

The baby's body temperature is most accurately measured from rectal temperature. From rectal temperature measurements, the normal temperature is around 36-37.9 degrees Celsius. A baby is said to have a fever when his body temperature rises more than equal to 38 degrees Celsius from rectal temperature measurements.

In the case of your child, you should not give fever medicines to children carelessly. Basically, giving a fever drug to a child is not really necessary if the child is not too fussy because of a fever. A slight increase in body temperature can help a child fight illness in his body.

You should also see first, whether your child experiences other symptoms that accompany the body temperature that you think is high, for example whether the child has a cold cough, diarrhea, pain in the ear, disturbance of consciousness (for example, the child continues to sleep), rashes on the skin , or other symptoms. If the child does not experience any symptoms, then most likely your child is normal (not sick). Some things you need to consider:

Give children enough to drink every day. Dehydration in children can cause an increase in body temperature. Avoid using clothes that are too thick and in layers. For tropical temperatures like in Indonesia, the use of thin cotton clothes and shorts is enough for children. The use of clothes that are too thick can also increase a child's body temperature. If the ambient temperature is rising high, use air conditioning, especially in a child's bed. If indeed the child is experiencing certain symptoms, you can take your child to the pediatrician so that further evaluation can be done.

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