The Cause Of Baby’s Breathing Is The Sound Of Grok-grok?

My baby’s breath is clumping … Sometimes the sound is loud sometimes it disappears altogether … Why?

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Hello Endah, thank you for the question.

Breathing in children, especially infants, is often heard the sound of grok-grok, which appears usually when the child is experiencing a cough. The sound of the bad breath came from the mucus found in the throat. Normally, our throats produce mucus that functions to catch foreign objects or substances that enter the respiratory tract when we breathe, but in certain circumstances, for example in flu patients, respiratory tract infections, or allergies, this mucus production is more than usual in children large or adults can cause cough reflexes to expel mucus. Whereas in infants or young children, the cough reflex is not yet perfect so that the mucus is still left in the airway and causes loud noises when air passes through the mucous fluid. Some factors that increase the risk of increased mucus production include a history of allergies, cigarette smoke exposure, animal dander, house dust, house dust mites in it, and so on. To be sure, you should consult a pediatrician. The doctor will ask several things related to complaints such as onset, severity, cough characteristics, precipitating factors, factors that aggravate or exacerbate complaints, history of previous illnesses, family history of illnesses, etc. The doctor will also carry out physical examinations and supporting examinations if needed, such as laboratory examinations, x-rays, etc. With this examination, the doctor will ascertain the cause of the complaint and provide appropriate treatment according to the patient's illness. We recommend that you continue to provide food to the baby according to his age, to thin the mucus can be helped by breathing hot water vapor, try to keep the air in the child's room always humid, can be helped by using a humidifier if available, and do not hesitate to immediately visit a doctor if the sound of breath grok-grok children are felt to be getting worse especially when accompanied by shortness of breath, rapid breathing, cold feet and hands, blue lips, high fever, the child looks weak, or coughs with blood.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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