The Cause Of Back Pain Is Not Able To Sit?

Illustration of The Cause Of Back Pain Is Not Able To Sit?
Illustration: The Cause Of Back Pain Is Not Able To Sit?

My backache is about to go away for a week, I used to be like this 3 years ago, I have been treated, the results are good, but the results are good, but I lost it when I got abs after relapse, finally I thought because my body posture was on a diet healed back pain I r nWell now I am already pregnant and have a body weight of 90 when I was pregnant now I was born at 85 and I think it is normal for your mother to give birth to back pain but this is often a lot of relapses and the relapses are getting more and more frequent. r nAtw I lumbago due to UTIs too cm I rarely urinate small amounts of water can it be 4-5 times and drink more than 2 liters of water because I am often thirsty breastfeeding r nThen why do I? Please explain

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Hello Mrs. Tianti,

Thank you for asking

Back pain can be caused by:

The female gender is more at risk for low back pain. This is because men's muscle strength is stronger than women's. In addition, women during pregnancy will also affect the curvature and elasticity of the spine, especially at the waist, causing pain.
Weight. In obseitas people are at risk for low back pain.
Profession. Jobs that involve a lot of back activity such as sitting for too long, pushing, lifting, and bending for too long can increase the risk of low back pain.
Wrong position. The wrong sitting position or the wrong position to lift things can cause low back pain.

To distinguish back pain due to kidney disease from diseases of the muscles or spine in the waist area, it is necessary to do an examination. Examination is not enough with X-rays alone. But another examination with a doctor to find a definite cause. Examinations include interviews, physical examinations, and additional examinations: MRI

Suggestions that can be done at this time:

cold compress
exercise to lose weight
multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit

That's my explanation, hopefully it can answer the question. If you need a more detailed consultation, you can use the chat facility with your doctor by downloading the application at


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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