The Cause Of Black Stool?

Illustration of The Cause Of Black Stool?
Illustration: The Cause Of Black Stool?

I want to ask .. yesterday our feet came out of water and then we went to the doctor to check there was a heart swollen intestine swollen rheumatism less red blood .. and black bowel movements .. is this black bowel movement the cause of my disease? … love

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Hello. Thank you for asking

Black stool or black stool can also be called melena, this can occur due to several things including:

1. Gastrointestinal bleeding

Gastrointestinal bleeding that can cause black bowel movements usually occurs in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Bleeding that occurs can be due to bleeding from the stomach or from the esophagus. Where the red blood when mixed with acid in the stomach will become darker or black, this can cause the stool to turn black. This gastrointestinal bleeding is usually accompanied by black vomiting. Of course this can endanger your health. And if there is vomiting or black CHAPTER continuously and in large quantities, it can make you lose a lot of blood and the consequence is that when checking the hemoglobin level in your blood it can decrease from normal values ​​as happened in your case so it usually requires further treatment. Low levels of hemoglobin in the blood if it occurs continuously for a long time or chronically can cause complications such as heart swelling. However, many things can also cause heart swelling, such as previous heart problems, high blood pressure or hypertension, and diabetes.

2. Liver or Liver Damage

Severe liver damage can lead to complications of varicose veins or dilation of blood vessels in the gastrointestinal tract, so that if the varicose veins in the gastrointestinal tract burst it can cause heavy bleeding which can be characterized by black vomiting and black bowel movements. Usually vomit can be fresh red or black and in large quantities. This condition is also very dangerous to health and often can be life threatening, this condition must receive further treatment quickly.

3. Factors of food and drugs consumed

Some medicines that contain iron can also cause black bowel movements, as well as foods such as beets, dragon fruit often make chapters black. However, if you do not take these drugs or foodstuffs and you have black bowel movements, then you need to be aware of other causes that can interfere with your health.

Gastrointestinal tract inflammation can occur due to stomach ulcers or ulcers, liver disease, varuses of the stomach and esophageal vessels, and liver damage or disorders. To find out the source of the bleeding, you are advised to consult again to the doctor who handled you previously or you can consult an internal medicine specialist or an internal medicine specialist, the nearest gastroenterohepatologist, generally the doctor will ask your medical history, and check your clinical condition, after that. blood tests and endoscopy may be needed to find the source of bleeding.

Black bowel movements or melena can be a sign of organ disorders in your body and requires immediate treatment, generally appearing with the following symptoms:

Chapter black is generally like soy sauce
CHAPTER large amounts of fresh blood
Vomiting blackish or vomiting fresh red blood
Skin becomes yellow
Severe abdominal pain
Shortness of breath, and chest palpitations

If there are any complaints above, you should immediately consult the nearest hospital or health facility so that you can be treated quickly and precisely.

I hope this helps.


dr. Fatma

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