The Cause Of Bleeding After Late Menstruation And Negative Test Pack Results?

Illustration of The Cause Of Bleeding After Late Menstruation And Negative Test Pack Results?
Illustration: The Cause Of Bleeding After Late Menstruation And Negative Test Pack Results?

hello, I’m mother 1, 30 years old. I always menstruate women regularly (27-day cycle, 7-day long menstruation) I have marked in the calendar 1 full year. 21 November 2019 I had my first day, my period ended 27 November 2019, because I was planning to get pregnant and I had already calculated. then I contacted on December 2 at night (my count 12-15 days after the first day of menstruation is ovulation). considering I am a woman whose menstruation is regular, should I menstruate again on December 18, 2019? apparently not menstruating, on December 19 in the morning I woke up with a negative result, until a week after that is on December 26, I wanted to do a pack again, it turned out that afternoon I was bleeding. the question u003cbr this menstrual blood or miscarriage (who may be pregnant has not been discovered)?

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Hello Iratna, thank you for asking at

I help answer your questions sequentially yes.

The blood you are complaining about can be both, so if your complaint still appears to this day, it is advisable to have the complaint examined further by an obstetrician for further examination, whether there is indeed a residual pregnancy in your uterus or not

Menstruation delays in the medical world, included in the sign of the likelihood of pregnancy (regardless of how many days the delay occurs) and because it is not a definite sign, of course, requires another confirmation check to ascertain whether the delay is due to a pregnancy or due to other conditions such as stress , lack of certain nutrients, physical fatigue, impaired hormonal balance or side effects of certain drugs.
To confirm, the examination that can be done is a pregnancy test (can use a test package or blood test) and also an ultrasound examination of the uterus, so it is advisable to further consult with a specialist obstetrician.
Also note that complaints that are subjective such as nausea, bloating, weakness and others, are an uncertain sign of pregnancy because it can be caused by other conditions, so it cannot be used as a reference in determining whether someone is pregnant or not

If based on calculations and also your cycle, then if you are pregnant then your pregnancy is around 5-6 weeks.

I hope this helps.

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