The Cause Of Blood Comes Out When You’re Defecating?

I was, why did I fit that chapter when blood came out but it didn’t continue, and even then I didn’t feel any pain or pain, I thought menses were not r nand indeed I didn’t chapter 4 days back because I was fasting, then I often stress is also the end “Is this also the problem?

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Hello Naharani Thank you for asking

Blood loss during bowel movements can occur in two forms, namely:

Hematokezia: is a media term used to describe fresh blood coming out during bowel movements, and usually blood is separated from feces Melena: is a medical term used to describe black stools. Which indicates the chapter has been mixed with blood from the upper gastrointestinal tract. Both conditions are caused by different problems. If you experience a defecation, fresh red blood is usually dripping or separating from the defecation, which can be said to be hematokezia caused by bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract. And melena occurs due to upper gastrointestinal bleeding such as irritation or gastric injury.

If you feel blood coming out red and separated from the stool, such as dripping or blood can also cover the stool, most likely the source of bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract that is close to the anus. Here are some possible causes:

Hemorrhoids or Ambeyen Irritation of the anal wall Polyps Hemorrhoids are the most common cause in cases of hematokezia or bowel mixed with fresh color of blood and can occur at a young age to parents. If you have previously experienced constipation or constipation or have not defecated for several days it can be a factor in the occurrence of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the buttocks or in the anus. This hemorrhoid hemorrhoids in the early stages does not cause symptoms, but in some cases if left unchecked can cause symptoms such as:

Chapter bleeding, usually explained with fresh red blood separated from the stools such as ementes. Mucus appears when CHAPTER Lumps in the area around the anus, which can be re-inserted spontaneously, or inserted with the help of hands, or lumps can not be inserted into the anal canal at all . The treatment is based on the cause of your bleeding chapter, if the cause is hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids will also depend on the severity or degree of hemorrhoids that you experience. At an early stage it can usually be helped with medication. However, hemorrhoids with lumps that are large enough and disturbing like defecation of blood continuously can be performed surgical procedures.

To make sure it needs to be done a direct examination on you. Therefore, you should consult a doctor for further examination. One of the examinations is a digital rectal examination, with the examination usually being able to help determine the presence of hemorrhoids or not.

It is also important for you to maintain the digestive system health, to overcome constipation or reduce constipation complaints that can cause digestive problems such as hemorrhoids, for example by:

Expand the consumption of fiber in green vegetables and fruit, to prevent constipation Do not sit for a long time when defecating, avoid the habit of long hanging when defecating Not pushing when defecating Increase water consumption of at least 2 L per day to help soften the stool Regular exercise or increase the frequency of exercise Regulate habits CHAPTER Reducing the consumption of foods or drinks that contain caffeine Avoid spicy and fatty foods So the answers from us may be useful

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