The Cause Of Body Chills Accompanied By Diarrhea

Illustration of The Cause Of Body Chills Accompanied By Diarrhea
Illustration: The Cause Of Body Chills Accompanied By Diarrhea

2 times I have felt suddenly shivered and had diarrhea. First 2 days ago and last night. Even though my body temperature was normal around 36.1 – 36.3, my body was sweating but I felt shivering. Never before had I experienced, from since there was a covid case now I just felt this way. What happened to me?

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Hi Hani,

Thank you for the question.

If you only feel chills and diarrhea, this is not really a symptom of COVID-19. It's just that, given the incidence of this case continues to increase, you should remain vigilant, especially if you are out of contact with patients or suspected COVID-19, or if you live or have traveled to an area with a local transmission of COVID-19.

More likely, chills with diarrhea indicate that your digestive tract is disturbed, for example due to food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroenteritis, carbohydrate malabsorption, poisoning, intestinal inflammation, and so on. It could also be, this complaint indicates that you have a viral or bacterial infection, hyperthyroidism, hormonal disorders, psychological disorders, disorders of immunity, to side effects after taking certain drugs.

In order to improve, you try the following tips first:

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day
Take a shower with warm water, then use comfortable clothes and warm you
Get plenty of rest and don't stress too much
Don't eat spicy, sour, gassed, excessive fatty foods
Don't drink carbonated and caffeinated beverages first
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice
Discipline to exercise every day

If you have optimally carried out the above efforts for 1-3 days, but you feel your complaints have not improved, you can check yourself to the doctor. Thus, it can be further evaluated whether it is true that your complaint is related to COVID-19, or it actually arises because of other factors. In addition to referring you to a doctor of internal medicine, further tests, such as blood tests, stool tests, or ultrasound can also be recommended by your doctor.

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