The Cause Of Body Chills, Fever Accompanied Aching?

Illustration of The Cause Of Body Chills, Fever Accompanied Aching?
Illustration: The Cause Of Body Chills, Fever Accompanied Aching?

I want to ask, why are my parents Sdh these past few days, his body continues to cheerfully, then throughout his body in pain, Is there any influence of tension, ulcer? u003cbr u003e Please help

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Meriang (chills, fever) accompanied by aches felt throughout the body most often caused by infections, for example due to viruses or bacteria. When infecting the body, this virus or bacteria will trigger an inflammatory reaction that is modulated by a variety of chemical mediators that cause an increase in the set point at the center of body temperature regulation, resulting in a fever. This chemical mediator also plays a role in eliciting feelings of pain as your parents experience. As a result of infection, sufferers often experience weakness, fatigue, more sensitivity to light, excessive sweating, decreased appetite, or many other complaints depending on the type of infection. These bacteria and viruses can enter the body through various routes, for example breathing, digestion, mosquito bites, and so on. As for some examples of infections that can cause chills and aches are dengue fever, ARI (acute respiratory infection), chikungunya, urinary tract infections, leptospirosis, and so on.

In addition to infections, fever and ache can also occur due to exposure to extreme temperatures, fatigue, hormonal fluctuations (for example in women approaching menopause), drug side effects, impaired immunity, malignancy, fibromyalgia, and so on. Abnormal blood pressure (either hypertension or hypotension) as well as gastritis (heartburn) should not directly cause chills and aches. However, these diseases can worsen the condition of patients.

Our advice, if your parents have been feeling feverish and painful for 3 days or more, have them checked by a doctor or specialist in internal medicine to be evaluated more deeply (for example through blood, urine, x-ray tests) and given the best treatment. At home, you can first resolve the complaint by:

Give your mother paracetamol at the recommended dosage
Give your mother more drink
Also give him nutritious food (if he has a history of gastritis, don't overdo it, give him spicy, fatty, coconuty, and gasy foods. If he has hypertension, don't also give him foods that contain lots of salt)
Let him rest more
Give him comfortable clothes

Hope this helps ...

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