The Cause Of Body Fever At Night Accompanied By A Sore Throat

Illustration of The Cause Of Body Fever At Night Accompanied By A Sore Throat
Illustration: The Cause Of Body Fever At Night Accompanied By A Sore Throat

Excuse me doc, I’ve been 3 or 4 days lately my body warms from afternoon to morning … the warmness is like deep heat but no fever. Then 3 days I have a sore throat. I have no history of going abroad or contacting patients who are positive covid-19. Travel history the day before these two symptoms appear I made a long journey but I also did not make much contact except with family. And what is the influence of my habit, which is often coughing due to the unusual smell of cigarettes and vehicle smoke (coughing, coughing, smelling the smell) and inflammation and heat that I am experiencing now?

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Hello Nafsi, thank you for asking at

Fever is a symptom of several diseases in the form of an increase in body temperature above normal body temperature. Objectively to prove the occurrence of fever or not have to use a thermometer. In some fever conditions can also be followed by other symptoms such as coughing, itchy throat, difficulty swallowing, and so on. There is also a lot of inflammation related to the throat that causes underlying causes, including:

Viral infections such as influenza, common cold, COVID-19
Bacterial infection
Cigarette smoke irritation, vehicle smoke, and so on
Allergy to something
Certain medical conditions such as GERD

To find out the cause of course must be done a complete examination starting from physical examination to additional examinations such as blood tests, chest X-ray images, and so on. If it really is an irritation due to exposure to cigarette smoke and vehicle fumes it could be marked by a cough and inflammation of your throat.

To see whether a COVID-19 infection does occur or not, a complete examination must also be performed. Having a history of traveling not only abroad / but also areas within the infected country, a history of contact with confirmed patients, and / or living and settling in areas with local transmission can direct the diagnosis to COVID-19. Therefore, immediately contact a doctor for further examination and treatment.

Right now what you can do is:

Consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, multiply fruits and vegetables as a source of vitamins
Drink enough and rest
Regular exercise
Manage stress well
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Stay at home and don't go outside or to the crowd if it's not too important
Use a mask
Wash hands with soap and running water
Keep a distance from people around at least 1 m
If you have to leave the house, for example to see a doctor or to a health facility, wear a mask and avoid using public transportation whenever possible

That's it, hopefully it helps.

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