The Cause Of Body Trembling And Weakness?

Illustration of The Cause Of Body Trembling And Weakness?
Illustration: The Cause Of Body Trembling And Weakness?

my name is aqila age 16 years old weight 48 height 158. if I have worked even though it is not heavy and the time is also not long my legs immediately trembled my back back unable to tumble the body. I often lie down and rarely exercise and I diet too I learn ring lack of sleep…

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the tremor that you experience in a medical word is called tremor. tremor is uncontrolled and uncontrolled movement in one or more parts of your body. complaints that you experience there are a number of possible causes

 Orthostatic tremor: occurs in a very fast time, characterized by muscle contractions immediately after standing. Many consider this condition to be an instability of balance. This instability will subside if the sufferer sits, starts walking, or is lifted. Physiological tremor: The body's reaction to the effects of certain drugs and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can cause tremors. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and overactive thyroid gland can also cause this disorder. Tremors because of these causes can be cured as the loss of what is the underlying cause. Psychogenic tremor: A tremor arising from a psychological condition is characterized by an attack that appears or disappears suddenly and changes location. Patients usually also have mental disorders, such as conversion disorders, where patients experience physical disorders but no underlying medical disorders are found. actually trembling complaints that you feel can be caused by lack of blood (anemia), low blood pressure (hypotension) and dehydration lack of fluids, fatigue and others. if this really disturbs you, and there is no improvement you should immediately consult a doctor to do a direct examination to find the cause so that the doctor can provide proper handling.

there are some things you can do

 adequate rest at least sleep 7-8 hours avoid improper diets because it can cause a lack of blood sugar levels, and lack of nutrition and lack of iron so that it can cause your complaints are regular exercise so that the muscles and bones strong sunbathing in the morning 15 minutes a lot is consuming 2 liters of water at a minimum you can drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep, making you to sleep fast, and for your bone health so the info I can give

hopefully can be useful

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