The Cause Of Breathing Feels Shortness Accompanied By Palpitations

Illustration of The Cause Of Breathing Feels Shortness Accompanied By Palpitations
Illustration: The Cause Of Breathing Feels Shortness Accompanied By Palpitations

My chest was tight, but I didn’t cough, 3 days ago, my head was dizzy, then vomited afterwards.

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Hi Didit,

The onset of dizziness, vomiting, spasms and palpitations can be caused by the following conditions:

 Psychological conditions such as anxiety disorders Too tired, heavy physical activity Gastric acid disease Heart disorders such as congestive heart disease, heart rhythm disorders Disorders of the gallbladder, for example gallstones Because your complaints persist and even aggravate, you should immediately consult a doctor to ascertain the cause complaints so that appropriate handling can be done.

The doctor will first ask the history of your complaint, perform a physical examination and supporting examinations such as blood tests, heart records or gastrointestinal binoculars (gastroscopy). If the complaint is caused by acid reflux disease, the doctor will prescribe a stomach acid-lowering drug such as omeprazole and symptomatic drugs (according to symptoms). If the complaint is caused by heart disease, the doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation of your health condition before appropriate treatment is taken.

The following recommendations for you:

 Get enough rest Manage stress wisely Perform a healthy lifestyle Avoid conditions that can trigger complaints Immediately consult a doctor if complaints persist or worsen Hopefully useful,

dr. Budiono

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