The Cause Of Breathing Feels Tight When In Hot Weather

Is the temperature of the hot air also a factor causing shortness of breath? .. The problem is that now my breath is a bit tight when this afternoon I was in a room where the air was quite hot. That also included the cause of my shortness of breath.

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In general, the weather or heat can cause several respiratory problems and can trigger shortness of breath. Especially in people who have problems in the lungs such as COPD, bronchitis or asthma. Hot air can cause narrowing of the respiratory tract and cause breathing difficulties and shortness of breath. This will be heavy if accompanied by exposure to dust, smoke or pollen.

There are several things that can cause shortness other than the weather, namely stomach, heart and lung disorders. Stomach disorders are usually characterized by shortness of parts of the upper abdomen or lower chest, pain in the upper left abdomen, sometimes also accompanied by a dry cough and nausea. While the tightness caused by heart problems, marked by tightness and chest pain in the upper left that spreads to the neck and left arm.

If the tightness caused by the lungs can be caused by a viral, bacterial or allergic infection that is marked by barrack, runny nose, shortness, fever, or tightness accompanied by sound. Based on your complaint, it leads to symptoms that are caused by hot air. To determine whether there are other illnesses, it is necessary to do a physical examination and further support, therefore if symptoms persist and interfere, consult your doctor immediately.

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