The Cause Of Brown Lines On The Eyes?

Illustration of The Cause Of Brown Lines On The Eyes?
Illustration: The Cause Of Brown Lines On The Eyes?

Hello, I want to ask, beside my middle eye there is a brown semicircle line and the inside is white, what do you think about that? For 17 years I have had it, but only I and my brother have 2 brothers and sisters ” is it dangerous or not?

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Without doing an in-person physical examination, it is actually difficult for us to identify what and where the exact location of the line in your intended eye looks like. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you check your complaint directly with an eye specialist so that possible causes can be identified. That way, doctors can do the best management according to the cause.

If you look at your description at a glance, it is possible that the brown streak with white patches in the middle of your eye is a normal condition as part of eye color variations. As for this brownish line, it may be a manifestation of the deposition of melanin pigment in certain parts of the eye. This pigment is a pigment that plays a role in determining skin color and also the color of the middle of the eye. If the size of this line does not increase in size, and also does not cause complaints, for example red eyes, itching, watering, vision problems, and so on, chances are there is nothing you need to worry about regarding your condition.

Although it can be a natural thing, it could also be that the complaints you experience occur due to certain medical conditions, for example due to a conjunctival nevus (benign growth of melanocyte cells), primary acquired melanosis, melanoma (malignant tumor originating from melanocyte cells), side effects drugs (for example eye drops containing epinephrine), pinguecula or pterygium (overgrowth of the conjunctiva due to exposure to dry air or UV rays), hormonal disorders (i.e. those that affect melanin production), and so on.

Therefore, to distinguish whether your condition is still normal or dangerous, you should get it checked directly by an eye specialist. Invite your younger sibling to get checked out so you can get the best treatment together. In the meantime, you should not rub or touch your eyes too often, especially with dirty hands. Also protect your eyes so that they are not exposed to excessive pollutants and UV rays, for example by using anti-UV protective glasses when doing outdoor activities.

Conjunctival pigmented lesion

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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