The Cause Of Brown Spots Come Out After The Insemination Procedure?

Illustration of The Cause Of Brown Spots Come Out After The Insemination Procedure?
Illustration: The Cause Of Brown Spots Come Out After The Insemination Procedure?

Hi, I did Insemination on March 2, 2020, but on March 10, 2020 I experienced brown spots, black spots and red spots (changing) until today, March 16, 2020. I have done a testpack starting from March 10, 2020, March 16, 2020. but negative results. the question is, what causes my spots? Though 2ww at the first time spots are still long. And until now I am confused whether I am menstruating or how.

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Normal blood spots occur during the menstrual cycle, but can also occur early in pregnancy. This is called implantation replacement. There are several differences between them:

 Pay attention to the flow of blood: the bloodstain is a characteristic feature of the form of lighter and fewer blood spots, in the form of drops, and will remain that way until the bleeding is over. Conversely, blood from menstruation is initially mild, but will be more heavy and thick. Implanted bleeding does not contain blood clots, as is usually present in menstrual blood. Pay attention to the color: menstrual blood is blood-red, while the bloodstain is pregnant or pink or brown. Implantation bleeding can be blood red, but more commonly has a pink or brown color. Check the time: menstrual blood will flow continuously for the duration of your period without stopping, but implantation bleeding is often only in a blotch, sometimes appearing sometimes not, for 1-2 days. Menstrual cycles last for 4-7 days. Implantation bleeding will arrive earlier than the initial estimate of your new menstrual cycle (usually 5-10 days after conception). Severity of cramps: Menstruation and implantation bleeding can cause stomach cramps, but menstrual cramps will feel stronger. Mild cramps that never increase in severity can mean the characteristics of pregnancy, especially if accompanied by pink or brownish blood spots. if a bloodstain is also accompanied by a number of the following symptoms, the chances are high that the bleeding you are experiencing is actually a sign that you are pregnant:

 Food nausea and change in sense of taste Drastic increase in body temperature Increase in basal body temperature Breast pain Late menstruation However, for many women, it seems that these two types of bleeding have no difference. Therefore, the best way to find out if you are pregnant or not is to wait a few more days and undergo a pregnancy test or an hCG blood test at the hospital. The time of your last sexual relationship with your partner might also help you find out: If it's been more than two weeks, the blood spot you are experiencing is most likely not due to implantation bleeding.

It is better to ensure that you can immediately consult an obstetrician to do a direct examination, one of which is by using a pack test or by using an ultrasound.

You can read artillek: the process of healing before pregnancy

how to distinguish PMS and signs of pregnancy

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