The Cause Of Brown Spots Outside The Menstrual Cycle?

Illustration of The Cause Of Brown Spots Outside The Menstrual Cycle?
Illustration: The Cause Of Brown Spots Outside The Menstrual Cycle?

Hello, I want to ask, my menstrual cycle last 2 months for 26 days, but on the 22nd day there is a light brown spots, but cm comes out a little and only on my day, then right on my menstrual schedule that is 26 days out lgi spots and it’s like menstruation, but a little different because the Klr is like a mixture mixed with fluid, not like usual .. That’s why, I’m married and there is a history of miscarriages ..

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Hi Tanti,

The emergence of brownish spots through the femininity outside your menstrual cycle can certainly cause anxiety. Although it may seem worrying, actually not all of these conditions are related to dangerous conditions and can be caused by the following conditions:

Blood from previous menstrual periods
Pre-menstrual blood
Female bleeding due to sexual activity
Bleeding due to excessive stress, strenuous physical activity, hard diets or nutritional disorders
Disorders of the reproductive organs, for example endometriosis, hormonal disorders, PCOS, malignancy

You don't need to worry too much if the complaint only occurs occasionally. However, if you still feel worried or complaints often recur, you should check with your obstetrician to ascertain the cause of your complaint so that appropriate treatment can be given.

The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, conduct a physical examination and supporting examinations if needed. Investigations that may be recommended by a doctor is an ultrasound examination of the abdomen or cytology with a pap test. Do the examination if it is recommended by the doctor because the examination can greatly help the doctor confirm the diagnosis.

If the complaint is caused by a mild condition such as stress or menstrual blood remaining, the doctor will advise you to rest and adopt a healthy lifestyle. However, if the complaint is caused by disorders of the reproductive organs, the doctor will conduct an evaluation and treatment in accordance with the underlying conditions. For example the administration of hormonal drugs in hormonal disorders or surgery (surgery) in endometriosis.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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