The Cause Of Canker Sores That Lasts Long And Accompanied By A Yellowish White Coating

Illustration of The Cause Of Canker Sores That Lasts Long And Accompanied By A Yellowish White Coating
Illustration: The Cause Of Canker Sores That Lasts Long And Accompanied By A Yellowish White Coating

Good evening … I want to ask this about my father who has been disturbed for the last 1 year or so with the thrush he suffered, at first only thrush 2 at the bottom of the back tongue was checked by the spsialist doctor in the first hospital, he said that the fungus could not disappear … then reappear until the tongue is full but yellow white, run to the spsialis doctor of the second hospital sentenced for a lifetime drug then run to alternative because the drug is consumed the effect of vomiting n lemesbterus when in the contents of the meal, the severity of this March not want to eat can not even talk ran to the hospital the 3rd poly spialist in again was diagnosed because the nerve affected when the nerves from sprue on the tongue were gone ………. What I asked from the 3 hospitals was the same u0026sup2; dspter ssilis in why the diagnosis can be different u0026sup2; yeah ??? Please enlighten me, it has cost a lot and I love it for me who has consumed a lot of drugs 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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The complaint of your father's tongue that looks canker sores and lasts a long time, until accompanied by a yellowish white coating, may be caused by an infection, both fungal infections or bacterial infections. Patients with tongue complaints such as thrush, white and yellowish do require further examination in addition to physical examination, this is to help ascertain the cause. With direct physical examination, a variety of possible diagnoses can be considered until evidence of the main cause is obtained.

In addition, examination of the tongue such as thrush or like there is a white and yellowish coating can not be done one visit examination and changing doctors. If the complaint has not improved in one doctor, further examination or control is needed to help the doctor identify and plan further examinations. If it has not improved and is not re-controlled, the treating doctor can assume the patient has improved. With control at the same doctor will provide an evaluation plan as well as further examinations. Therefore, the evaluation of each doctor you meet can give different conclusions.

In addition to examining internal medicine doctors, it should be, cases with complaints of patients with ulcers that do not heal are consulted to the dentist and mouth. This dentist and mouth has better competence in examining, treating and handling patients with regard to dental health and oral cavity, including complaints on the tongue. Thus, if indeed this complaint is still being felt by your father, then your father should do a direct examination to the dentist and mouth. However, due to the current vigilance condition for Corona virus infection, for this initial stage, you can consult directly with the dentist by telephone or online, unless your dentist advises your father to come directly.

With this examination, the doctor can further evaluate both the evaluation of treatment or evaluation of further examinations. The doctor can recommend a supplementary examination in the form of a microbiological examination and or examination of antibiotic sensitivity. Thus, if the doctor considers this complaint to be caused by an infection, the results of further tests will provide further treatment information. However, your doctor can also consider several other possibilities for complaints felt by your father, such as chronic injuries, allergies, specific processes or precancerous. Considerations ranging from mild to risky will still be considered. So, doing regular consultations with the same dentist needs to be emphasized, to get an optimal evaluation process for your father's complaints.

If it is caused by an infection, several risk factors from other medical conditions can also occur, one of which is diabetes which risks triggering an increased risk of fungal infections or microorganisms. So that medical treatment of other diseases can be continued to a specialist in internal medicine.

For now, some of the work your father can do, such as:

Avoid cigarettes
Avoid sleeping late
Avoid alcohol when consumed
Eat nutritious and healthy food
Keep your teeth and gums and oral cavity clean
Use mouthwash until you meet the dentist
Follow the doctor's plan to provide optimal evaluation results

Thus the info we can convey.

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