The Cause Of Chest Pain, Dizziness, Back Pain Is Easily Tired?

Illustration of The Cause Of Chest Pain, Dizziness, Back Pain Is Easily Tired?
Illustration: The Cause Of Chest Pain, Dizziness, Back Pain Is Easily Tired?

Afternoon, I am 20 years old, a woman, r nEvery time I often feel pain in my chest, when sitting or lying down, my chest feels pressed, then my head feels dizzy, and my neck is aching. Your back often aches, your body gets tired quickly. What do you think it hurts? I happen to have had nephrotic syndrome, but now it’s positive that the urine has dropped to 1. Do the above symptoms indicate that I have a relapse or what?

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Hello Edogawa Krysma. Thank you for your question to

Chest pain accompanied by a head that feels dizzy and pain in the neck or back that you feel can be a symptom related to a particular disease, or can not be related to each other (different diseases). Let's discuss them one by one.

Chest pain itself can be caused by various things, such as:

Injury to muscles or bones. Try to remember again whether there was an injury or trauma in the chest before the occurrence of these symptoms. Usually pain due to injury to muscles and bones will increase if you move and improve in certain positions, such as rest. Bruising due to injury can be seen or not (if the inside is affected) Disorders of the heart. Often chest pain, especially the left side is caused by a disturbance in the heart, for example a heart attack. This disease is generally found in older people (> 40 years), but along with changes in current lifestyle, this age range shifts and can also be found at a young age. Pain is felt as severe chest pain such as crushed in the middle of the chest or left chest, pain can spread to the left arm, nape, and jaw, and can be encountered nausea and cold sweat. Usually pain is triggered by activity, sometimes it can improve with rest, but if it is severe pain can also persist. Diseases / problems in the stomach. Often stomach disease resembles chest pain due to interference in the heart. Most people with stomach acid levels that are too high can cause damage to the stomach lining, causing inflammation in the stomach, or also called gastritis. Complaints that are felt include stinging in the pit of the stomach (just below the middle sternum), sometimes to the point of feeling heavy and obstructed breathing (it feels like shortness of breath). Another problem that can be caused by stomach acid is the increase in stomach acid into the esophagus (also called gastroesophageal reflux disease / GERD). In this condition, sufferers can experience symptoms of chest or heartburn feel hot, sensation of lumps in the throat, sour taste or bitter in the mouth when waking up, and so forth. Diseases caused by the stomach are usually more susceptible to people who have poor diet (for example, often eat late, eat too spicy, etc.). The burden of thought / stress is also a risk of gastric problems. Dizziness must be distinguished from headaches. Dizziness is a sensation where a person feels his body becomes light like loss of balance, unsteady, and someone may experience dizzy spinning. While headaches, a person feels a pain sensation in his head. The sensation can be in the form of pain such as being tied, heavy head, throbbing pain, or so forth. Often, a person feels a sensation of pain in the head that involves the nape of the neck or back in conditions of muscles that are too tense. This condition is also called a tension headache.

However, pain in the neck or back can also occur due to other things, for example maintaining the wrong position for a long time (sitting too long, reading in front of a screen or a book for too long). Also can not be excluded the possibility of abnormalities in the body, for example from the shape of bones, injuries to the spine, and so forth.

For your question, premature babies do have risks for certain conditions during their development and growth (for example, it takes longer to achieve certain developments, such as longer to be able to walk, and for growth of body weight or body length smaller with babies born normally). However, if during the period of growth and development that can be lived by premature babies well, with good stimulation and care, premature babies can grow and develop according to their age, matching children their age. As an adult, even premature babies can undergo activity and have a good physical condition, so, the statement that premature babies as adults are more susceptible to diseases is not quite right (unless there are certain conditions in these babies).

The condition of nephrotic syndrome itself is a condition that interferes with the kidney's work, where the kidney loses its ability to filter blood (causing large proteins that the body still needs out of its pee). This is what you refer to above as positive urine 1 (positive urine protein 1). There are several other diseases that can occur if there are disorders in the kidney, such as high blood pressure, anemia / lack of blood, and others. Anemic conditions can cause the body to become weak and get tired quickly. However, there are many other things that cause the body to get tired quickly other than anemia. For example lack of rest, poor diet, and stress.

Because you have a history of this disease, I recommend that you always control your internal medicine doctor, so that your kidney condition can always be monitored and find out whether the disease is recurring again or not. In addition, keep your condition by:

eat nutritious foods, such as vegetables and fruit, red meat, chicken liver improve your diet by eating 3 times a day regularly, try between big meals there is time for snacks, while avoiding spicy foods, too fatty, and drinking soda or coffee Consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. Make time to stretch your muscles while you are busy avoiding stress by looking for positive hobbies. Physical activity / regular exercise at least 3 times a week with a duration of 30 minutes. That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you are always healthy.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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