The Cause Of Chest Pain Is Accompanied By Weak Legs When Walking?

Why do I have msibah or what I like chest pain, when I walk or go up or down the stairs, my feet immediately go limp, I can’t walk in a while, just stay still, you can’t go limp anymore, why

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Hello Sintha.

Thank you for the question.

Is your complaint accompanied by palpitations, sweating, trembling, want to faint? if so, you may have an anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorders are excessive feelings of anxiety that are felt quite often and interfere with daily activities. There are different types of anxiety disorders:

Panic disorder. Sudden and recurring fear is accompanied by chest pain, sweating, and chest palpitations.
Social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety or feelings of judgment or shame.
Specific phobias. Anxiety about something that makes avoiding it like a phobia of heights

Body dysmorphic anxiety about body shape
Obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety disorders due to obsessions that lead to repetitive actions. Like checking the door over and over.

Anxiety disorders are caused by:

excess psychological stress
past traumatic work
have a physical illness
narcotics abuse

Anxiety disorders can have serious complications, namely suicide attempts, so they require special treatment by a Specialist Psychiatrist.

As for other causes of chest pain complaints that you experience:

gastric acid reflux
infection of the lungs
heart attack
injury to the chest area

The suggestions that I can give:

enough rest
avoid consuming excessive caffeine
get regular exercise
eat healthy and nutritious food
eat as often as possible with small portions.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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