The Cause Of Chest Tightness, All Body Aches, Chest Often Thumping, Headache And Weakness?

Illustration of The Cause Of Chest Tightness, All Body Aches, Chest Often Thumping, Headache And Weakness?
Illustration: The Cause Of Chest Tightness, All Body Aches, Chest Often Thumping, Headache And Weakness?

Good afternoon, I want to ask if the things that I experienced such as tightness of the chest and throat, the body feels pain and tired all, often palpitating, headaches, whatever symptoms of stomach acid. I experience panic attacks and fear and confusion about my illness, because it feels tired and just want to lie down, the stomach aches but not great. Do I have to go back to consult the nearest doctor ?? I yesterday had been to the nearest UGD and already during this week I experienced the above, the doctor just said I was affected by stomach acid. Indeed before I went traveling which was quite tiring and a hobby of sports. Even though I was tired sometimes, the doctor only advised me not to stress, rest, not too tired, adjust my diet and take medicine. Please input, thanks

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Hello Ina Ariany, thank you for asking using

Some medical conditions that can cause complaints that you feel include:

GERD gastric acid disease
Coronary heart disease
Heart rhythm disorders

Anxiety disorders or panic attacks

In order to help your complaint as a whole, the doctor needs some additional information such as how old are you, how long have you felt the complaint? Are there chest pains or tightness such as being crushed by a heavy burden? Do you have a history of high blood pressure, diabetes or other illnesses?

Your condition can be caused by disorders of the digestive organs or due to excessive stomach acid, interference with the heart, or due to anxiety disorders. There are several factors that can cause excess stomach acid such as spicy, sour, fatty foods, coffee, or due to stress or excessive thoughts.

It is best if you can consult with your doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. Especially if your complaints have not improved, have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or chest palpitations, fainting, severe chest pain, black or bloody bowel movements, you should immediately go to the nearest health facility. Your doctor needs more complete medical information, direct physical examination and then provide therapy or medication according to your complaint.

Some things you can do to reduce your complaints:

Avoid foods that contain a lot of gas such as broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, milk, or nuts
Stop smoking and consuming alcohol
When you want to sleep, you should give a break 2-3 hours after the last meal
Avoid stress or excessive negative thoughts
If you experience nausea or vomiting, you can consume smaller or more frequent meals
You can also try medications for stomach acid such as antacids and paracetamol drugs to reduce joint pain or headaches

You can also read the following interesting article: Find Gastric Acid Abstinence Here So It Is Not Bloated Lagidan Turns Out It's Not Difficult To Cope With Stress

Hopefully this information can be useful for you. thanks.

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