The Cause Of Children Aged 10 Months Typhus?

Illustration of The Cause Of Children Aged 10 Months Typhus?
Illustration: The Cause Of Children Aged 10 Months Typhus?

Good evening doctor My child 10 months ago was sentenced to be typed with a cold cough by the doctor after I recovered I was still continuing to take antibiotics from Domter who had examined it. I dawn mutah after coughing until more or less 3 times and soft chapter like liquid porridge the color is bright yellow until 3-4 times a day already 3 days so the chapter is so Cough is still durable his eyes are sunken body thin and his stomach looks small he also did not have a fever during diarrhea Please enlightenment doctor thank you …

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Diarrhea in infants / toddlers generally occurs due to viral infections from food and the surrounding environment. These infections tend to be mild and can often heal on their own even though the frequency of diarrhea tends to be frequent.
Based on the information you give, it is likely that your baby has diarrhea due to antibiotics that are consumed (antibiotics associated diarrhea) as well as from the consumption of honey that you give.

Please note that in infants, typoid / typhoid infections are very rare and rarely occur in infants. The bacteria / typoid bacteria found based on blood tests generally only know the trace of the germ without knowing whether the germ is causing an infection at this time or only traces of germs from infection in the past. Everyone, both children and adults are at risk of being infected by typoid germs but most do not cause symptoms. In addition, the diagnosis and typoid must also be based on the symptoms found (fever of at least 7 days accompanied by symptoms of digestion) as a consideration for the administration of drugs, especially antibiotics.

Antibiotics are drugs that actually need to be wary of infants and toddlers. Its use must be right on target to avoid risks that can occur. In the digestive tract contained thousands of good bacteria that grow and develop and are able to produce vitamins and enzymes for digestive health. The existence of antibiotics that are less rational in its administration will disrupt the balance of good bacteria in the intestine and can trigger digestive disorders, in this case diarrhea is the most frequent effect.

Various other conditions that can also cause diarrhea in infants include viral infections, gastroenteritis, lactose intolerance, food poisoning, dysentery infections, etc.

Many medical opinions do not recommend giving honey to babies under the age of 1 year. Because honey can contain Clostridium botulinum bacteria which can interfere with baby's digestion. Infants less than 12 months old do not have a strong body defense system to fight the bacteria. So that some symptoms in the digestive tract can appear due to honey.
Honey also cannot be used to increase a child's appetite. Although additional substances such as vitamins contained therein can meet the nutritional needs that are lacking. Maybe now your baby is in the picky eater phase, which tends to choose food. This condition often occurs in infants who have been introduced to food or to toddlers who are able to recognize various types of food.

Treatment of diarrhea in antibiotics associated with diarrhea can generally improve along with stopping antibiotics consumed. The thing to note is to prevent your baby from becoming dehydrated by giving enough fluids. Liquids can be obtained from food and beverages consumed.
Here are the signs of dehydration that should be wary of:

Child looks thirsty Child fussy Turgor / skin elasticity decreases Dry mouth Child looks limp, inactive active Concave eyes Still tears come out when crying Sunken sunken Sunken little urine and urine color becomes more concentrated Therefore, you should stop using antibiotics and honey. Take care at home first by giving more fluids, give zinc and priobiotics to help improve the digestive condition of your baby.
In addition, provide nutritious food and drinks and keep the baby clean and the environment around your baby. Wash your hands before and after eating. And provide enough rest time for your baby.
Watch for signs of dehydration. If the child is getting weak, does not want to eat, diarrhea more often, the eyes are increasingly sunken, the child is not active, immediately consult the nearest doctor or pediatrician.

So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps.

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