The Cause Of Children Aged 11 Months Do Not Want To Drink Formula Milk?

Illustration of The Cause Of Children Aged 11 Months Do Not Want To Drink Formula Milk?
Illustration: The Cause Of Children Aged 11 Months Do Not Want To Drink Formula Milk?

in the morning I have a child aged 11 months from 8 months I give mixed milk formula because my breast milk has been reduced now the age of my child is 11 months I am not getting out anymore I give full formula milk but I don’t like it, huh?

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Breast milk is the best food for babies, especially for babies aged 0 to 6 months and its administration can be continued for up to 2 years. Breast milk contains a variety of essential and complete nutrients for the growth and development of infants. The Indonesian Pediatrician Association recommends exclusive breastfeeding for infants without an additional mixture of formula milk compared to formula feeding alone.

ASI production is related to the hormone oxytocin and prolactin. The hormone oxytocin will work optimally when the mother feels happy, relaxed, calm heart, comfortable and happy. If the conditions do not support, then the release of the hormone oxytocin will be reduced so that it affects the prolactin hormone to produce milk. In addition, the hormone is also stimulated by baby sucking, so the more often the baby is breastfed, the more abundant the mother's breast milk is.
Here are some factors that can affect milk production, including:

Psychological factors, namely anxiety, anger, sadness, confusion, disappointment because certain causes can affect the hormone oxytocin and prolactin so that it impacts on milk production
The wrong way to breastfeed
Difficult to breastfeed because of pressure from the environment and family
Pain during breastfeeding so that milk production is reduced
Mothers who are sick, tired / tired
The frequency of breastfeeding the baby is less, so the breasts are not completely empty
My mother was lacking enthusiasm and was not sure that her milk was going well
Lack of attachment between mother and baby
Lazy babies breastfeeding
Use of contraceptives that contain hormones

Some of the factors above can affect milk production to decrease until it stops altogether. The use of formula milk is one of the causes of the decreasing amount of breast milk. If your baby refuses formula feeding, there may be problems with his mouth such as teething, inflammation / sore throat or not liking the type of formula milk given.
You do not need to worry, try to understand the child's condition whether the child is sick, do not like the type of milk provided, or want breast milk directly. At the age of 11 months, it's time for the baby to get MPASI in the form of team rice or start with raw food such as ordinary rice / family food. Giving milk to babies at this age is not something that must be fulfilled in large quantities. Milk is given to meet the baby's calcium needs. At the age of 12 months, milk needs only cover 30%, the remaining nutrition must be obtained from solid eating. Not recommended to give too much milk, (not exceeding 500cc per day) because it can suppress the appetite so that the baby does not want or difficult to eat.

To help increase breastmilk production again, do Relactation which is a series of activities aimed at producing breastmilk again after some time the breast milk does not produce. Relactation takes between weeks to months depending on how determined the mother is to provide the best nutrition for her baby.
The following things can be done:

Prepare mentally with confidence and great motivation to breastfeed again by seeking the support of family and those closest to you
Hold the baby often, and breastfeed the baby directly
Improve the position of breastfeeding and teach the baby how to breastfeed if there are confused nipples in the baby
Give as much milk as possible between 8 - 12 times a day or whatever the baby wants
Get enough rest
The importance of avoiding stress and anxiety
Avoid fatigue and close activity
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
If necessary take breast milk supplements
Do oxytocin massage
Take a breastfeeding class

Support from people around, both husband, parents, in-laws and those around are very important to realize the success of breastfeeding.
In addition, consult with a lactation expert or pediatrician to get the right information and management. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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