The Cause Of Children Aged 2 Years Cough Does Not Go Away?

Hello …! I want to ask, my 2-year-old brother coughs continuously to sweat and has also been treated but has not healed yet, why is that …?, Then how do I deal with it

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Hi Rani,

What medicines has your sister consumed? Are there other complaints such as fever, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, decreased appetite, shortness of breath, breathing sounds, chest pain, or a lump near the neck? Are there adults in the neighborhood who also experience a long cough? Is the coughing up phlegm, not phlegm or just bleeding?

A long cough of more than 3 weeks in children can be caused by karfena the following factors:

Allergies, for example allergies to dust, mites, cold, animal hair
Exposure to cigarette smoke
Stomach acid disease

If it has been more than 3 weeks your cough has not improved even though you have received treatment from a doctor, I suggest that your sister be checked back to the pediatrician so that it can be directly examined if necessary an x-ray examination, blood test, and molecular rapid test for ascertain the cause of the cough. After the cause is confirmed, the doctor can provide more optimal treatment for your sister.

While waiting to see the doctor, your sister and family can do the following tips:

Let sister rest
Use a humidifier if necessary
Try a smoke-free home
Drink lots of water
Give a healthier food for sister
Try to see if there are cough triggers and if there are, you should avoid triggers

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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