The Cause Of Children Aged 3 Years Can Not Speak?

Illustration of The Cause Of Children Aged 3 Years Can Not Speak?
Illustration: The Cause Of Children Aged 3 Years Can Not Speak?

Ass. I want it please. Child q who is 1, is 3 years old but still can’t speak. I’m confused what to do again. People said they asked to have their tongue scraped off, but still can’t speak. According to the doctor, what should I do.

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Hello Mr Hafidz,

The pace of children's development varies. Many children walk late, but speak fluently. There are also children who speak slowly, but their motor skills are very good. There are also both fast or both slow. Often this is not a serious distraction and the child will be able to do these things on time. Even so, there are measures by which at a certain age a child should be further examined if it does not reach a milestone / stage of development.

At 12 months, it is hoped that a child will be able to say one simple word. Can call "dad" or "mama" or imitate a word that we say. The child also understands a command, such as "walk here" or "get the ball." At the age of 18 months it is expected that you will be able to pronounce the 10 basic words. Can mimic words even though they are not clear, for example drinking becomes "ninum" or eating becomes "mam". At the age of 24 months, the child has a vocabulary of at least 50 words even though the pronunciation is not clear. Can compose two words such as "want to drink" or "drink milk". By the age of 3, it is hoped that they will be able to compose simple sentences, and understand more complex commands such as "take off your shoes, then go into the house".

Given that your child is now 3 years old and cannot speak, it would be nice to take your child to the pediatrician to find out if there are any medical conditions that make the child unable to speak, for example hearing loss, problems with the mouth, tongue or voice nodes. If necessary, the doctor can handle it. The pediatrician can also suggest speech therapy in children to help him speak. It is better not to scrape your child's tongue because it is not medically proven and there is a concern that it will hurt the child.

Along with seeing the doctor, do the following things to help your child talk:

Read a story book
Pretend play with children
Talking at every opportunity, for example when wearing clothes, while talking "You wear your sister's clothes, they are blue, draw flowers .." etc.
Do not let him be busy playing gadgets for too long
Introducing children to new situations, such as playgrounds, zoos
Sing together
Many ask him and imitate the answers that he issued

Of course, the above does not need to be emphasized on children, do it in a pleasant atmosphere.

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May be useful,

dr. Mega

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