The Cause Of Children Aged 3 Years Often Recurring Flu?

Illustration of The Cause Of Children Aged 3 Years Often Recurring Flu?
Illustration: The Cause Of Children Aged 3 Years Often Recurring Flu?

Tonight DokDok ank I was 3 years old as a child almost 2 years old had a history of shortness’ diagnosis less than 1 year of asthma not cured u0026amp; when 2th it turns out that penomonia ‘is exactly 7 months post-opnam due to pnomonia. I have fulfilled all the vaccines … PCV. Influenza too .. what I ask is why my ankle is still very vulnerable ‘if you have a cold it must be accompanied by grok2 which makes him hard to breathe (not to the point of tightness) even in the moon. good vaccine u0026amp; Other boosters .. even check iGra negative and check for allergies. What should I do huh? Every time this flu continues … it can’t be normal for other toddlers whose flu can heal itself without medication or even AB … Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. Indeed, the condition experienced by your child is closely related to the low endurance of his body. The child's immune system is affected by the consumption of breast milk, especially in the first 6 months, immunization, nutrition, the environment, life while still in the womb and certain diseases they experience.

In your child, one by one these factors need to be checked, whether he is getting exclusive breastfeeding or not, whether the immunization is complete or not, whether there are sick people around him or not, whether the nutrition after 6 months of age has been fulfilled or not, how to gain weight , whether he lives in a smoker's environment, is exposed to dust and pollution, and whether there are certain symptoms that might be a sign of an illness.

If your child is exclusively breastfed, or only breastfed for the first 6 months of life, his immunization schedule is complete, but it turns out he lives in a smoker environment or is often exposed to pollution, it is natural that he will get sick more easily. Or if the environment is supportive but the nutrition is incomplete and the body weight is excessive or lacking, the immune system can still go down. If everything is good, then there may be certain disturbances that he experienced, and this we can not confirm if not examined directly. So far, your steps in going to the pediatrician's office are correct, but if you think the examination is stuck or your child's doctor can't explain, you can seek a second opinion by checking your child at another pediatrician.

If for example, you have guaranteed everything is good, pediatricians also though they have changed they still cannot explain, then what you need to focus on is how to care for your child so that he is less prone to illness until he reaches a stage where his immune system is stronger. You must actively avoid it from exposure to cigarettes, dust and pollution, choose high nutritious food for him, keep him away from the sick, and regularly check him whenever he shows symptoms of the disease and do not rush to give medicine. So, hopefully answering your question.

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