The Cause Of Children Often Affected By Measles?

Illustration of The Cause Of Children Often Affected By Measles?
Illustration: The Cause Of Children Often Affected By Measles?

hello, my child yesterday 39drhjt fever for 4 days just down, the second day I took it to the doctor and after taking new medicine the fourth day the fever went down. 4 days after the fever went down now appear red spots like measles. but this incident is not the first time, during 2019-2020, it’s the third time like this. I wonder why, he used to have measles immunization, but why does it get measles until so many times?

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Hello hera,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clear, have you checked your child to the doctor? If so, based on your pediatrician's examination did you have measles?

Measles is a disease caused by a viral infection. This disease can be transmitted easily from sufferers to other people through the entry of mucus splashes out of the respiratory tract of the patient (such as when talking, sneezing, spitting, coughing in an adjacent position, or shaking hands with contaminated hands) into the nose or throat. Clinically, measles indeed often causes sufferers to experience fever, followed by the appearance of a reddish skin rash, cough, runny nose, sore throat, red and watery eyes, muscle aches and joints, and various other complaints.

Getting measles immunization does not guarantee that your child will not be affected by measles. The potential for measles is still possible, it's just that, the risk is certainly far smaller than children who are not immunized. In addition, children who have been fully immunized against measles, the risk of experiencing serious or even deadly measles complications will be much smaller. If it is true that your child is experiencing measles at this time, then the potential for this disease to recur more than once will be greater if he is often in close contact with other measles sufferers, his nutritional intake is not good, especially vitamin A), or has endurance which is not good enough.

However, you also need to understand, that it is not only measles that can make a child fever and reddish rashes appear on his skin. These complaints can also arise due to other factors, such as scarlatina fever, dengue fever, atopic dermatitis, insect bitten, leptospirosis, vasculitis, drug eruption, and so on. Therefore, if the condition of your child has not been re-examined, you should not have concluded too early.

To be clear, get your child re-examined by a doctor or pediatrician so that it can be further evaluated, whether indeed it is measles, or not. That way, of course the doctor can also give him the best management.

For now, you can make your complaint first by:

 Give your child paracetamol medication if you still have a fever Make sure your child's body is always clean, do not exchange any personal items with others Give the child plenty to drink, especially water Give him also a variety of foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and other nutritional sources. Keep him from the substance that often makes him allergic Let him rest more Hopefully it helps yes ..

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