The Cause Of Cold Sweat After Eating In Patients With Ulcers

Illustration of The Cause Of Cold Sweat After Eating In Patients With Ulcers
Illustration: The Cause Of Cold Sweat After Eating In Patients With Ulcers

Hello dok3 days ago I had a high fever and now I am cured but my stomach is still very nauseous so I can’t eat. As of 4 days I only ate a little porridge. I have gone to the general practitioner then the doctor gave me medicine to relieve nausea. After taking the nausea medication I could eat a little rice but then my body was sweating cold. Are these symptoms normal doc?

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The nausea you are feeling right now may be a residual symptom of a fever that you previously experienced but can also be caused by stomach acid disease or dyspepsia syndrome that accompanied your previous complaints so it is quite natural that you still feel nausea complaints because the body needs time to recover completely.

While regarding the appearance of cold sweat after eating, this can also be included in a reasonable condition because after eating, your metabolism will increase so that it is natural for sweat to appear especially when you are sick or during the recovery phase.

In the meantime, keep consuming the medicine given by your doctor according to the instructions for its use and keep your food intake, not necessarily rice, but the important thing is that the food you consume meets your daily nutritional needs and does not aggravate your complaints.

If the complaint persists or gets worse, immediately consult your complaint again to the doctor for further evaluation and determination of therapy regarding your condition.

I hope this helps.

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