The Cause Of Colds That Often Recur?

Illustration of The Cause Of Colds That Often Recur?
Illustration: The Cause Of Colds That Often Recur?

Good night. I often get colds even 1 month can be 2 times and the duration of colds is 1 week more. If you have a sore throat, body aches and sometimes a fever. After a cold, his nose is blocked and it’s hard to breathe because of mucus. What are these symptoms, are you only allergic to dust?

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Hello Azza,

Thank you for the question.

Colds that often recur can indeed be caused one of them by a dust allergy. However, if this complaint makes it difficult to breathe and appears accompanied by sore throat, weakness, and fever there may be other conditions that worsen it, such as viral or bacterial infections, irritation, immune disorders, anatomical disorders (such as due to deviation of the nasal septum, benign tumors or malignant), gastric acid reflux, and so on.

Conditions like you should not be ignored. Go for a direct examination of yourself to the doctor or ENT doctor so that you can do a more in-depth evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment, for example with blood tests, x-rays, and other supporting tests. In this way, of course the doctor can prevent your complaints from continuing to recur and reduce your productivity.

In addition to undergoing doctor handling, at home you need to do too:

 Take paracetamol during fever. Stay away from dust and other substances that might trigger allergies and irritations in your airways, for example pollen, animal dander, smoke, pollution. Use masks Don't over-consume cold, greasy, and sweet foods and drink lots of water. white (at least 10 glasses a day) Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, including by regularly exercising, diligently eating fruits, and getting enough sleep so that the immune system remains primed Do not smoke Do not take any drugs without doctor's advice.

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