The Cause Of Corneal Ulcers Does Not Heal?

Illustration of The Cause Of Corneal Ulcers Does Not Heal?
Illustration: The Cause Of Corneal Ulcers Does Not Heal?

I have suffered from corneal ulcers in 2016 and have not disappeared until now, even though I often use drops that are prescribed by the doctor sp.mata … can my corneal ulcers heal?

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Hello Fhandy Andi,

Corneal ulcer is a wound that forms on the cornea. The cause can be trauma (puncture, nail scratches, chemicals, etc.) or infection (viruses, bacteria, fungi). Factors that increase the risk of corneal ulcers are dry eye syndrome, impaired eyelid closure, incorrect use of contact lenses, varicella zoster / shingles disease, and others. Cornea is a clear layer in the middle of the front eyeball that allows light to enter and be passed on by other parts of the eye to the inner layer of the eyeball. Symptoms of corneal ulcer are:

Red eye Severe pain in the eye. A feeling that is in the eye. The eye continues to run water or pits out like a pus. Glare. Impaired vision. Corneal ulcers can heal, but most leave a scar / brush / corneal scar tissue. The scar tissue can appear as white patches on the cornea. Some can interfere with vision if it is located covering the pupil (a black hole in the middle of the eye) or causes the surface of the cornea to be abnormal or cosmetically disruptive.

The diagnosis of corneal ulcer is done by an ophthalmologist. Inspection using a slit lamp helps see the position of the ulcer and estimate its depth. Management of corneal ulcers depends on the cause, can use antibiotics, antifungal, and antiviral. The use of corticosteroids to prevent scarring is only given with strict supervision (patients must come for regular control). Treatment of corneal scarring can be done through a corneal transplant with a donor cornea.

To avoid corneal ulcers, do not rub your eyes carelessly, especially if your hands are dirty. Always wear goggles / eye protection when working with hazardous materials when in contact with eyes. Clean contact lenses regularly and do not use contact lenses while sleeping / swimming.

For the sake of explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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