The Cause Of Cough Is Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath And Blood Phlegm, Is It Corona?

Illustration of The Cause Of Cough Is Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath And Blood Phlegm, Is It Corona?
Illustration: The Cause Of Cough Is Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath And Blood Phlegm, Is It Corona?

Hi doc, I want to ask. I experienced cough with phlegm, and 2 days ago I felt shortness of breath when I wanted to lie down and also chest pain to the back and neck. I already took some medicine for an ulcer, because when I said he said I was just a symptom of an ulcer. But today my right chest msi often pain u0026amp; if you issue phlegm like ad blood. Doc, do I think you have contracted Corona?

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The presence of complaints of phlegm coughing, complaints of tightness, coughing up blood, and chest pain that you feel in these 2 days, then this condition may not be a symptom of Corona infection, especially if you do not have risk factors for contact with patients and / or travel to areas at risk of infection corona both domestically or abroad. However, the complaint you feel requires further examination and evaluation to your lung doctor.

The existence of complaints of chest pain and coughing up blood, may be related to the possibility of other diseases, such as TB infection. Especially if the patient with coughing blood has experienced the same complaint some time before, or the signs or symptoms of patients with TB infection. Some of the signs and symptoms that can be found in patients with suspected pulmonary TB infection are:

 Cough with phlegm Cough with blood Fever, mild fever, or no fever Decreased body weight Shortness of chest pain Easily tired Anemia Pulmonary TB infection is also a lung infection or lower respiration which can be risky and cause lung damage and can be dangerous for the health of patients, but with examination and treatment according to the National TB treatment standard, it is expected that TB infection can be controlled and prevented the risk of complications that may occur.

In patients with suspected pulmonary TB infection, the patient can immediately consult a pulmonary doctor for interviews, physical examinations, and other necessary examinations, such as blood tests, radiological examinations or TB tests. With this examination, the doctor can ascertain the cause of the complaint you are feeling, whether a TB infection or other medical condition is causing shortness and coughing up blood, such as:

 Fungal infections of the lungs Cysts in the lungs Tumors of the lungs Bronhitis Or maybe a Corona virus infection However, related to Corona infections, it is important to know the possibility of this infection in the presence or absence of risk factors that trigger Corona virus infection. Some signs and risk factors that can give an indication of corona virus infection are:

 Cough / flu / sore throat Fever more than 38 degrees celsius. No other known clinical cause. Shortness In the last 14 days you have been traveling or living in an area with a corona infection either in the country or abroad according to data from the Ministry of Health. In 14 days you have been in contact with suspicious corona patients and / or positive corona patients If you encounter any of these risk factors (number 5 or number 6), then suspicion of Corona infection needs to be followed up further. An examination by a lung doctor will also help establish the diagnosis of corona infection and treatment for corona patients.

Thus, the most important step you need to take is to consult your lung specialist directly. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations and supporting examinations accordingly, such as blood tests, radiological examinations.

For now, some things you need to do, like:

 Immediately visit a lung doctor Use a mask Use cough ethics when you cough Avoid cigarettes Avoid physical fatigue Avoid sleeping late at night Stay at home unless you go to the doctor or after the doctor gives treatment recommendations for you Enough nutritious food and drink water as needed Familiarize hand washing with soap Do social distancing or in accordance with your doctor's advice Similarly, the info we can convey.

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