The Cause Of Cough With Phlegm Accompanied By Blood?

Illustration of The Cause Of Cough With Phlegm Accompanied By Blood?
Illustration: The Cause Of Cough With Phlegm Accompanied By Blood?

hello lately I often cough with phlegm never disappear when I sleep sideways I always want to cough as well as sitting but when I sleep facing up / not sideways do not want to cough. day after my sake I feel my lungs are weak a few months ago in early 2019 I coughed up bloody the same thing happened when I slept sideways while playing gadgets suddenly I coughed with phlegm after being told by the doctor said I’m not okay my family also said maybe just because of my throat which causes coughing up bloody I am only given medicine and also given antibiotics when I take antibiotics I always feel uncomfortable with my lungs / chest it feels like being pressed when lying down or sideways sometimes I have heart pain and have to be left alone for a long time don’t move new normally I don’t feel sick anymore. This incident has been a long time since I had junior high school, I also had a crater in my left lung. In my opinion, when I was little, I was smacked down by my older brother. I grew up before a strange shape appeared in my left lung like a crater and bone is not the same on the right. a few days ago I also tried to breathe morning air at dawn when I was feeling bad in my throat and phlegm when my cough hurt that day. besides this I feel other strange things such as rheumatism in the legs difficulty seeing when waking up feeling tired lethargic. not excited, often feel his own seizures during sleep, abdominal pain. etc

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Mucus or phlegm from the airways is the body's defense mechanism against invasion of microorganisms in the lower airway. If excessive mucus production can be a problem in itself because it will be more difficult to remove through a coughing mechanism or cause complaints of tightness or discomfort in the chest.

Some causes of cough with phlegm in adults include:
1. Asthma
2. Bronchitis or inflammation of the lower airway
3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
4. Pulmonary tuberculosis
5. Pneumonia or inflammation of the lung parenchyma
6. Allergy
7. Gastric acid reflux

To diagnose the underlying cause of complaints of a long cough it is necessary to evaluate the symptoms, general physical examination and pulmonary, and supporting examinations. Supporting examinations that can be recommended include routine blood tests, chest x-ray examination, sputum examination, and so forth. The next treatment will certainly be based on a final diagnosis of the disease.

To reduce cough complaints, you can do the following rights:
1. Drink more water
2. Consumption of honey
3. Use a humidifier or take a shower with warm water
4. Avoid smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke

If the old cough is also accompanied by complaints of cold sweat at night, high fever, significant weight loss for no apparent reason, or massive coughing of blood, then don't hesitate to seek medical help immediately for further evaluation and treatment.

That's all, hope you can help.

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