The Cause Of Coughing In Children Does Not Go Away For Almost 1 Month?

Illustration of The Cause Of Coughing In Children Does Not Go Away For Almost 1 Month?
Illustration: The Cause Of Coughing In Children Does Not Go Away For Almost 1 Month?


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Coughing is actually not a disease, but a symptom. Cough itself is the body's normal response to expel foreign substances or are irritative so as not to enter the lower respiratory tract.

Based on the duration of the cough can be classified into acute cough and chronic cough. Chronic cough is when the cough appears for 8 weeks or more and in children coughing occurs more than 1 month. If your child has a 1-month cough that doesn't heal, it can be classified as a chronic cough.

Chronic cough can be caused by a variety of possibilities for example:

Allergic asthma or allergic rhinitis Sinusitis Infection: Pertussis, pneumonia, spots or pulmonary tuberculosis Gastric acid reflux ie the increase of stomach acid to the esophagus Asthma is one of the chronic respiratory diseases characterized by shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing breath sounds. Asthma can occur in children, especially if they have a history of offspring with asthma. In addition to the old cough that does not heal, if not treated can cause shortness of breath and threaten, but the examination will usually be found an abnormal breathing sound that is the sound of wheezing breath. And in severe symptoms, breathing can appear.

When coughing is associated with colds and complaints occur at certain times, for example, your child in the morning the possibility of cough due to allergies can also still be thought of. Allergic rhinitis will continue to appear and never heal if your child continues to be exposed to allergens (substances that trigger allergic reactions) such as cold allergies, dust allergies, pet hair allergies, or cold weather allergies and so on. In addition to coughing colds that do not heal other complaints can include nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes. And for allergic cases it is important to know the triggering factors or allergens, and if it is known, it must be avoided as far as possible so that complaints do not appear. Allergic rhinitis can also be influenced by heredity, exposure to cigarette smoke and other exposure to air pollution.

Lung spots is a term used to describe pulmonary tuberculosis (pulmonary TB). Pulmonary TB is an infection caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. But in children coughing is not the main symptom of tuberculosis bacterial infection. IDAI (Indonesian Pediatrician Association) recommends using a TB scoring or scoring system to determine tuberculosis infections in children. From the scoring will then help the doctor to determine the diagnosis and the next treatment step. Tuberculosis Children in general have symptoms such as decreased BB or BB does not go up, long fever without obvious causes, cough that occurs more than 3 weeks, have a history of contact with other people with TB.

Many possibilities can cause chronic cough in your child. Furthermore, treatment will be given based on the cause. Have you previously brought your child to a Child Sepsialist doctor? If not and if your child has a history of cough that does not heal with weight loss, you should consult a pediatrician. Next the doctor will examine the child further, and to help determine the disease the doctor may conduct additional examinations such as lung x-rays, tuberculin tests or tests, and other tests if needed.

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