The Cause Of Coughing Is Accompanied By Uncomfortable Breathing?

Illustration of The Cause Of Coughing Is Accompanied By Uncomfortable Breathing?
Illustration: The Cause Of Coughing Is Accompanied By Uncomfortable Breathing?

Good evening, I have a question about coughing. I have a cough problem, when I take a deep breath and exhale it, I will cough, like someone is blocking my breath. Is this a serious illness or not? Thanks.

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Basically, cough is a response from the body because of the airway's defense system if there is interference from the outside, its function is to clear mucus or factors that cause irritants or irritants such as dust or smoke to get out of the lungs and upper airways. Coughing with complaints of uncomfortable breathing can be caused by several things, such as:

GERD allergic asthma / gastric acid disease A lump that is accompanied by a dry cough is more likely to cause stomach acid disease or GERD, this is due to an increase in stomach acid that rises to the top and injures the esophagus which sometimes occurs more frequently at night . Other symptoms of GERD that usually appear are:

appears sour and pehit feeling especially in the morning / early morning there is a feeling like a burning in the chest or solar plexus, and more felt after eating and when bending down there is a lump in the throat especially when swallowing inflammation in the larynx or vocal cords, so that the voice becomes hoarse or croak dry cough especially at night chest pain that sometimes penetrates to the back of pain swallowed broken teeth easily bloating to belch bad breath odor To ensure the situation that happens to you, it's good for you to see a doctor directly so that a complete examination on yourself. That way the handling can be done appropriately in accordance with the existing causes. Temporary things you can do at home to reduce complaints include:

eat small portions of food but often never be too late to eat avoid foods that contain lots of spicy, sour, fatty and gassed foods, including consumption of caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes to avoid lying down after eating, wait a few moments (1-2 hours) after eating with a relaxed sitting so that stomach acid does not go up to the throat during sleep then use a pillow that is rather high to support your head, so that gastric acid does not rise during the night enough rest and avoid stress. So we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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