The Cause Of Coughing Up Phlegm And Tightness Of The Chest

Illustration of The Cause Of Coughing Up Phlegm And Tightness Of The Chest
Illustration: The Cause Of Coughing Up Phlegm And Tightness Of The Chest

Tonight, I am Devana aged 18 years. Recently I have been coughing up a little phlegm, my chest feels full of breath sounds can be heard and sometimes sneezing, what should I do? And do my symptoms include suspect? Thank you

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Hello devana,

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Based on the symptoms that you are experiencing, it cannot lead to one of the definitive diagnoses, it is necessary to do a supporting examination and physical examination to be able to establish the diagnosis. But I will try to describe some of the possible causes that you experience.

Cough is basically a response to expel foreign objects that are in the esophagus or respiratory tract. Coughing can be caused by several disorders, including disorders of the lungs and disorders of the stomach.

A cough caused by lung disorders is usually affected by a lung infection or an allergy. Lung can be infected by bacteria or viruses which if infected by bacteria or viruses will cause symptoms of cough with phlegm or dry cough, runny nose, fever and shortness of breath. Meanwhile, if triggered by allergies, the cough will be accompanied by shortness of breath and the sound of 'ngik-ngik' when breathing and sneezing repeatedly.

While the cough that is caused by the stomach because of increased acid production in the stomach causes irritation of the esophagus. The presence of irritation in the esophagus makes the esophagus produce mucus so that it will cause coughing like there is phlegm trapped. In addition to coughing, patients will complain of tightness in the lower chest or upper abdomen.

Covid 19 is a respiratory infection caused by the corona virus, which is characterized by dry matter, sore throat, fever above 37.5 and shortness of breath. Based on your complaint, it does not lead to COVID symptoms19. suspect is a person under surveillance where that person has been in contact with covid sufferers or has symptoms leading to covid only normal lung examination. The symptoms that you experience are just coughing up phlegm and non-specific tightness, which can lead to allergies or stomach ailments.

Keep doing the government program, which is self-isolation for 14 days, diligently washing your hands using soap, do not touch your face if you have not washed your hands, take a multivitamin, and do regular exercise. Avoid consuming coffee, noodles, spicy and sour food. If there is a high fever accompanied by shortness of breath, then consult a doctor immediately.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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