The Cause Of Decreased Milk Production When Breastfeeding Babies Aged 5 Months?

Illustration of The Cause Of Decreased Milk Production When Breastfeeding Babies Aged 5 Months?
Illustration: The Cause Of Decreased Milk Production When Breastfeeding Babies Aged 5 Months?

In the afternoon .. I want to ask why when my baby was 5 months old my breast milk decreased … what because babies rarely suckle while in the hospital because of diarrhea so infused and just sleep … And how do I get my ASI back to normal … Because my baby’s weight is on stage 5.9. Do I have to give you an early chance ?? Because my milk isn’t enough and my baby is fussy … Thank you …

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I understand the mother's concern, decreased breast milk can be caused because you rarely take care of your child during the illness because this condition causes the stimulation of the mother's body to produce breast milk to be reduced. and there are also a number of other causes among them:

 baby attachment position: ASI will come out perfectly if your baby sucks all of your areola. Mother's physical and psychological condition: A mother who is tired, sick, or stressed can be a cause of reduced milk. the mother's body is adjusting to the needs of the baby: which, as the baby gets older, the need for breast milk increases, as the baby becomes more frequent breastfeeding, Mother may feel breasts more empty so as if breast milk feels less. consumption of drugs and birth control pills: Mothers who take certain drugs, including birth control pills containing estrogen or fever medication can also be affected by the production of breast milk. Fever or allergic drugs usually contain pseudoephedrine which has the potential to reduce milk production. When breastmilk production is reduced, you can use the following methods to restore productivity:

 Continue to feed the baby: Basically, your body will adjust milk production to the needs of your child. So don't stop and breastfeed more often. Power pumping, a milking technique with a specific strategy and is carried out for about an hour. The main purpose of this technique is to empty the breast of the mother so that the body will immediately send 'signals' to the brain to immediately produce milk again. If not forced, avoid giving formula milk or MPASI food too early. It is quite possible, Little will prefer the taste of formula milk or food provided so that the frequency of breastfeeding will decrease. When the frequency of breastfeeding decreases, milk production will also decrease. and giving MPASI at an early age is not recommended yes mother if without certain medical conditions and doctor's advice. MPASI is given at the age of 6 months, mother. make sure the baby's mouth position is attached to the entire nipple of the mother yes avoid stress that bun, do positive things that make the mother can manage stress if there are many ways have been tried and there is no improvement you can immediately consult a gynecologist or you can take advantage of lactation consultation services. and if the baby's weight condition does not go up, you can consult a pediatrician, you can discuss with the doctor so that the doctor can provide advice and treatment appropriately so that your child can grow and develop according to his age. Keep the spirit of breastfeeding, yes, Mother.

You can read this article too, mother, how to increase breast milk

the many benefits of exclusive breastfeeding

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