The Cause Of Defecating And Defecating A 4 Month Old Baby Is Very Smelly?

Illustration of The Cause Of Defecating And Defecating A 4 Month Old Baby Is Very Smelly?
Illustration: The Cause Of Defecating And Defecating A 4 Month Old Baby Is Very Smelly?

Good afternoon, r n My baby from birth to 2 months I gave Frisian Flag milk, because the midwife Frisian Flag was helped by breastfeeding because I worked r nI changed the milk, I mean to get better protein r n At 3 months of age I changed the Lactogen, the feces turned green and recently it smells pungent and a lot r n According to the doctor I changed it again to the Frisian flag or remains lactogen huh ?? r n the baby’s stomach doesn’t fit ??

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The best nutrition for babies up to 6 months of age is breast milk (ASI). If for one reason or another breastmilk cannot be given, then formula feeding can be recommended. This is because breast milk has far more benefits than formula milk and tends to be more easily accepted by the baby's digestive tract. Breast milk has been shown to cause much less digestive problems for babies than formula milk.

If your breast milk is still out, you should give breast milk first and add formula milk if your breast milk is not sufficient for the baby's needs. If your breast milk has stopped, you can still do a relactation program to restore your milk production to meet the baby's needs. Here is an article that you can read about how to relact.

BABY CHAPTER can turn greenish for several reasons, including:

Babies get too much foremilk (milk that comes out at the beginning of breastfeeding) in babies who are breastfed. Babies receive supplements or formulas that contain iron Post vaccination Babies are allergic to something the mother eats or drinks (in breastfed babies), or to formula milk drunk Babies are sick, for example, coughs, colds or diarrhea. Babies are teething

If since changing formula milk, your baby's bowel movement tends to be more abundant and greenish in color, you should replace formula milk back to formula milk that was used previously. Pay attention again to whether the bowel movements return to normal. If indeed the defecation returns to normal, then the baby may be allergic to the formula that was just given.

Watch for other symptoms your baby has. If the green bowel movements look runny, the baby is defecating more frequently, there are symptoms such as fever, vomiting, or the baby is becoming more fussy, then it is possible that your baby has an infection in the digestive tract / diarrhea. Take your baby to the pediatrician if you notice any of these symptoms.

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