The Cause Of Diabetes Until The Wound Appears?

Illustration of The Cause Of Diabetes Until The Wound Appears?
Illustration: The Cause Of Diabetes Until The Wound Appears?

Good morning, what is a worshiper of diabetes, why does a leg wound appear so that he cannot walk

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Hello Heru,

Diabetes is another name often known as diabetes or diabetes. Diabetes is a disease characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels that rise above normal levels. The cause of diabetes is insulin resistance or because the pancreas fails to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that functions for the absorption and processing of glucose into energy, if you experience interference / resistance or the absence of insulin production, glucose can not be obtained in the body so that the form of energy and the amount in the blood accumulates and becomes high. Symptoms that can appear in this disease include:

often feel hungry often feel thirsty frequent urination especially at night the body loses weight without apparent cause easily tired blurred views wounds difficult to heal neurological disorders such as frequent tingling disorders sex drive to determine the diagnosis apart from the symptoms that lead to the disease must also be done fasting blood sugar levels, 2 hours after eating and blood sugar checks when. Diabetics often experience complaints of itching on the skin, and if the itching is scratched continuously often cause injury. Wounds in diabetics must be treated immediately and get appropriate treatment and treated and maintained wounds to stay clean and not develop further infection. Wounds in diabetics are often difficult to heal because:

High blood sugar levels can cause blood flow / circulation to be substandard. These conditions also often cause neurological disorders / nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) because innervation does not get enough blood flow due to obstruction of blood flow / circulation due to high sugar levels. can walk should also be examined further whether due to nerve disorders due to high sugar levels or whether due to the severity of the wound condition experienced due to pain management that is not painstaking, or because of other things such as inflammation problems in the joints or bones or disorders of the blood vessels stroke. We recommend that if you experience symptoms that lead to diabetes, immediately do further tests to be able to determine the diagnosis and get the appropriate treatment. Handling must take medication regularly and carry out regular controls or checks to assess blood sugar levels. Some things to note:

regular diet, avoid eating in excessive or excessive amounts, avoid consuming foods high in sugar, such as cakes, sweets, snacks, flour, avoid snacking habits, regular exercise, drink lots of water, min 2 L per day, get enough rest if you experience diabetes, eat a small but frequent diet and choose the appropriate diet, take medication regularly, keep your body clean, avoid scratching the itchy parts of the body, treat the wound well, following the article that you can read diabetes, wounds difficult to heal in diabetics

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