The Cause Of Diarrhea Is Accompanied By Nausea And Vomiting?

Illustration of The Cause Of Diarrhea Is Accompanied By Nausea And Vomiting?
Illustration: The Cause Of Diarrhea Is Accompanied By Nausea And Vomiting?

My aunt just gave birth about 3 days ago, then she experienced stomach aches, nausea and vomiting and CHAPTER 4 times a day and also my aunt lacked appetite. why is that and please explain the mechanism why nausea and vomiting occur to my aunt

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Unusual complaints that occur in a mother who has just given birth, will certainly make her family worry and wonder about the cause of the perceived complaint. It's just that complaints can be experienced by anyone, including your aunt who incidentally includes young mothers who have just given birth. We will try to explain it.

Symptoms that appear such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting certainly indicate that something is happening / there is interference precisely in the digestive organs, where this will stimulate the nerves in digestion to be more sensitive and active than usual conditions. Children, pregnant women and including post-partum mothers, and parents have a slightly more vulnerable immune system than healthy adult humans. So that infections from outside easily enter the body and infect any body organs including the digestive tract.

Basically diarrhea is a condition where a person experiences bowel movements that occur more frequently than usual accompanied by changes in consistency from his bowel movements. Symptoms experienced when diarrhea will depend on the cause of the emergence of diarrhea itself. Usually when you have diarrhea, symptoms that often appear are nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, weakness, cold sweat, etc. Treatment of diarrhea is based on the cause, while the most common cause of diarrheal disease is a virus which is then followed by other causes that commonly cause diarrhea, namely bacteria and parasites.

The treatment of diarrhea, is actually only based on giving adequate fluids to the patient, this is due to the release of a lot of fluid during bowel movements and also during vomiting which can cause the patient to fall into a dehydrated condition, and this is very dangerous for the lives of sufferers. After that the eradication of the cause of diarrhea is done by giving drugs through drinking or injections given at the time of hospitalization with the aim that the cause of the diarrhea can be resolved and the symptoms of diarrhea can improve over time.

If the cause of diarrhea is a virus, then this does not require special medication, because the virus that causes diarrhea is a disease that is self-limited. And proper management is giving enough fluids. However, if the cause of diarrhea has been found that is due to bacteria, then antibiotics should be given immediately in addition to giving adequate body fluids, and if the cause is a parasite then given antiparasites to treat it.

Of course this can only be determined by a doctor if the patient can be examined directly both medical interview examinations and physical examinations, and if indeed other tests are needed as a support, then a blood laboratory examination is usually needed to ascertain the cause of diarrhea. Therefore, your aunt should be taken to a doctor immediately to get the right treatment according to the cause.

Things that can be done at home to anticipate the deterioration of the diarrhea are:

multiply the consumption of fluids such as water, electrolyte-containing water, or coconut water, while choosing soft foods that can be digested easily by the stomach and intestines, avoid eating spicy and acidic foods for a short period of time, enough to avoid using drugs without the advice of The doctor remembers your aunt's condition is a nursing mother. take the patient immediately to the hospital if there are signs of danger such as high fever, severe dizziness, vomiting that occurs continuously, diarrhea that occurs many and many times until the body becomes weak, loss of consciousness and seizures. So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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