The Cause Of Diarrhea Is Accompanied By Patches Of Blood That Don’t Heal In Children?

Afternoon, I want to ask my child more than a week of diarrhea and blood stains, what do you think is the cause, and is it dangerous or not? Thank you..

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Thank you for the question.

Diarrhea accompanied by bloody stools in children can indicate a serious condition or not. Here are some of the most common triggers for this complaint:

 Digestive infections, for example due to parasites, viruses, or bacteria Intestinal inflammation Intolerance or malabsorption of food Food allergies Other factors, such as poisoning, metabolic disorders, benign or malignant tumors in the digestive tract, the influence of drugs, impaired immunity, etc. Complaints that have lasted for a week for a week more signifying you need to be more vigilant. Because, if not handled properly, diarrhea and bloody stools are very vulnerable to cause children to experience dehydration, anemia, and even a variety of other complications that are more severe. Therefore, it is safer if you immediately check your child to the doctor or pediatrician. If necessary, the doctor can direct your child to undergo a stool test, blood test, x-rays, or ultrasound.

In the meantime, you should focus on giving your child plenty of water to drink first, also give him ORS if necessary. Also give him food that is easily digested, contains variations in nutritional value, and does not cause allergies. Make sure you only give your child clean, well-cooked food and drinks. Without doctor's advice, do not carelessly give your child medicine, including anti-diarrhea medication.

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