The Cause Of Dizziness Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath After Contact With Foreign People?

Illustration of The Cause Of Dizziness Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath After Contact With Foreign People?
Illustration: The Cause Of Dizziness Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath After Contact With Foreign People?

Good evening doctor, I want to ask here I work as a hotel front office for the last few days at the place where I have foreign guests such as Japan and New Zealand, since the last 3 days after I received the guest, check in. My breath is a bit tight and my head is a little dizzy. My head is dizzy, can this be the cause because I’m PMS, now for shortness of breath, why? For other symptoms there is not only shortness of breath and a little dizziness

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Hello Vegi,

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) are symptoms that occur 5-11 days before the menstrual period. PMS symptoms will disappear soon after menstruation begins. PMS symptoms experienced by each person in each month can be different, including:

 Acne Breasts feel tight Bloated stomach Bloating stomach cramps Headaches, dizziness Increased appetite Diarrhea, constipation Tiredness Easily angry, overflowing emotions Sleep disturbance Anxiety feelings Sadness Shortness of breath yourself is a complaint of difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing . Shortness of breath can arise in disorders of the respiratory tract, heart, metabolic disorders, to psychological disorders. Shortness of breath can generally be proven by increased breath rate, increased heart rate, decreased oxygen saturation, abnormal breath sounds, and other examinations by a doctor.

Now there is an outbreak of Covid-19 (corona virus disease) caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This disease is transmitted through droplet cough / sneezing / heavy breathing of the patient and can also be from contaminated objects which are then touched by your hand and the hand touches the mucosa of the nose, mouth and eyes.

The symptoms of Covid-19 are similar to other respiratory infections and vary widely. The three main symptoms are fever (> 38 degrees Celsius), cough, and excessive fatigue. Other symptoms such as shortness of breath can also be experienced when lung inflammation has occurred.

If you have a history of traveling to an area with a local transmission of Covid-19 or contact with a positive patient of Covid-19 / suspect Covid-19 in the last 14 days, you should report yourself via the 119 ext 9 hotline in order to obtain tracking, your risk assessment is exposed to Covid- 19, and whether or not you need further investigation to prove positive or not Covid-19.

If there are no other symptoms and it is not recommended to conduct an examination, based on government appeals, you should stay at home and not travel for at least 14 days. This aims to reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19 and also if you find that you are sick of your Covid-19 not infect other people. While at home, adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS), monitor reliable information about Covid-19 from the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, WHO, or CDC.

If your symptoms are severe and need to go to a health facility, pay attention to the following:

 Wear a mask when you are henda to a health facility. If coughing practices the correct ethics of coughing Wear a mask or cough covered with tissue then discard and wash your hands quickly with running water + soap or cough covered with your inner arm / fold your elbows Don't ride public transportation to get to the health facility Avoid the crowd - social distancing with a minimum distance of 1 meter with others Hurry wash all the clothes you wear from outside the house when you arrive at home Diligently washing your hands with running water + soap Thus my explanation, hopefully useful.

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