The Cause Of Dizziness At 9 To 3 Pm And The Left Nose As Pulled?

Illustration of The Cause Of Dizziness At 9 To 3 Pm And The Left Nose As Pulled?
Illustration: The Cause Of Dizziness At 9 To 3 Pm And The Left Nose As Pulled?

why is this so often I get dizzy at 9 to 3 pm, I wake up at 7 but it starts to get dizzy – + 1 hour’s, and I feel the pain too, sometimes migraines are sometimes all over my head, but on the side of the nose next to it the left also hurts, it feels like someone is pulling at the head muscles every time a headache is there. Why is that? Before I say thank you🙏

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Hello Siti,

Thank you for the question.

Headache, especially around the nose, which often recurs at certain hours may be caused by rhinosinusitis, which is inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinuses. This inflammation can occur due to allergic reactions, irritation, also viral or bacterial infections. Blockages in the connecting channel of the sinus cavity and nasal cavity, such as nasal polyps, nasal septal deviation, enlarged Konka, or the entry of foreign bodies, can further aggravate this condition. Impact, mucus and radan tissue can accumulate in the sinus cavity and cause pain, not only around the nose, but can also spread to the face, head, and even the shoulder. Frequently, symptoms due to rhinosinusitis will worsen if you are exposed to air substances such as cold, dust mites, pollen, animal hair, and so on. Because of contact with the substance of the air at these hours it may be your complaints continue to repeat. In addition to pain, rhinosinusitis also often makes sufferers experience olfaction, taste, nasal noise, coughing, runny nose, bad breath, and many other complaints.

In addition to rhinosinusitis, the headaches you feel may also occur due to migraines, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, glaucoma, viral or bacterial infections, asthenopia, cerebral aneurysms, brain tumors, and so on.

Without checking you directly, it is certainly not our authority to also determine the diagnosis of the cause of your complaint and the appropriate treatment to be carried out. Therefore, if the complaint is really bothering you, you should consult yourself directly to a doctor or neurologist. If it is true that rhinosinusitis is the originator of your complaint, it is very likely that you will be referred to an ENT specialist later.

At this time, relieve headaches that occur when taking paracetamol. Not to forget, discipline also avoids contact with air substances as mentioned above, such as by using masks, keeping the environment clean, diligently bathing and washing hands, and limiting going out in the morning and evening. Not to forget, you also need to sleep more regularly, eat more fruits that are rich in vitamin C, don't smoke, exercise regularly, drink more warm water, avoid cold foods and drinks, and don't take medicine without prescription from your doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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