The Cause Of Dizziness Does Not Go Away For 1 Week?

Illustration of The Cause Of Dizziness Does Not Go Away For 1 Week?
Illustration: The Cause Of Dizziness Does Not Go Away For 1 Week?

I have been dizzy for 1 week. Can it be because of my minus who is already high and under stress with college?

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Hi Bhayuputri,

Dizziness is a condition of the emergence of sensations of unsteadiness (sway), seemed to float or feel like fainting. Although dizziness can be very disturbing, these complaints are generally only accompanying complaints due to other conditions. Here are some things that can cause dizziness:

Poor lifestyle, too tired or lack of rest
As a result of blood pressure that is too low
Anemia or blood red deficiency
Minus height
As a result of psychological conditions such as stress or depression
Impaired organ balance
Generally, dizziness complaints are caused by a mild condition and can go away on its own by handling at home ie by getting enough rest, consuming enough water and managing stress well. It's a good idea to check your vision because you have a history of minus eyes, you should also avoid excessive stress and do positive activities to help reduce your complaints.

However, the condition of dizziness that occurs continuously or accompanied by other comorbid complaints such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, severe headaches or shortness of breath should be checked by a doctor to ensure the cause of the dizziness complaints and get appropriate treatment.

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