The Cause Of Down Syndrome In Infants?

Illustration of The Cause Of Down Syndrome In Infants?
Illustration: The Cause Of Down Syndrome In Infants?

, Is the baby affected by Down syndrome only occurs when the baby is still in the womb or can it also be affected by Down syndrome after birth? Then is it true that if a normal baby lives in a home with a child with Down syndrome, the normal baby will suffer from Down syndrome as well?

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Down's syndrome is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities. Down's syndrome can occur in any sex and race. The exact cause has not yet been determined. Several studies have suggested a possible relationship between maternal age during pregnancy, a role in the incidence of Down syndrome. However, other studies have not found this link. There was also no association between the condition of parents before conception, or the condition of the mother during pregnancy, with the incidence of Down syndrome.

Down's syndrome is divided into 3 types, namely:

Trisomy 21 (nondisjunction). It is the most common form of Down syndrome. Occurs due to the presence of sperm cells or ovum cells from parents, which does not occur separation of chromosome 21. Normally, sperm cells and ovum cells each have 1 chromosome 21. If a sperm or ovum has 2 pieces of chromosome 21, then during fertilization , the zygote formed will have 3 chromosomes 21. This is what causes Down syndrome.
Chromosome translocation 21. About 4% of Down syndrome is this type. Some or all of the duplicate transfer occurs from chromosome 21, which then attaches to chromosome 14. The number of chromosomes 21 remains 2 pieces, but there is added chromosome 21 attached to chromosome 14. This condition can occur in sperm cells, ovum cells, or at the time of division zygote.
Mosaic. This type constitutes 1% of all cases of Down syndrome. Some body cells have 2 pieces of chromosome 21, others have 3 pieces of chromosome 21. The condition occurs due to the negligence of cell division when the zygote develops.

From the above explanation it can be observed that, Down syndrome occurs due to errors in cell division, so that during conception or during zygote division, abnormalities occur on chromosome 21. Down syndrome does not occur in infants after birth and is NOT contagious.

Then you don't need to worry about transmission of Down's syndrome between babies, because that is impossible. Thus the explanation from us, I hope you benefit. Regards.

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