The Cause Of Fatigue, Anxiety And Tightness When Fatigue?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fatigue, Anxiety And Tightness When Fatigue?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fatigue, Anxiety And Tightness When Fatigue?

In the afternoon, I feel tired easily, sometimes restless, shortness of breath when I’m not long, why is it like that? Is there a solution? Is it because of lack of exercise?

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Hello Nabilla,

Thank you for the question.

Easily tired, excessive anxiety, and shortness of breath can arise purely due to lack of exercise, or may not. Various other factors that can also trigger complaints like this are:

 Unhealthy lifestyles, such as irregular sleep, careless eating, physical activity without stopping, smoking, consuming caffeine or excessive alcohol, abusing drugs Experiencing severe mental stress, including due to psychiatric disorders, such as excessive anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosomatic disorders , delusional disorders Certain diseases, such as heart problems, thyroid gland disorders, allergies, dyspepsia, viral or bacterial infections, electrolyte balance disorders, hormonal balance disorders The effect of drugs, etc. The best solution that can be done so that your complaints will certainly only be known after the cause Your complaint is well identified. And considering that we did not examine you directly, it is certainly not our authority to give you treatment. Better, you first resolve your complaint by:

 A time to yourself to exercise, at least 30 minutes every 1-2 days, prioritizing cardio types, for example jogging, jumping rope, swimming, etc. Sufficient sleep, do not stay up Eat regularly, limit consumption of foods and drinks containing gases so that the tightness subsides Compress warm your tight chest Increase relaxation Do not over think a problem, deal with it casually but still trying and praying to be given help by God Almighty doing breathing exercises Do not carelessly take medicine Do not also consume alcohol and drugs If in 3 days you have not feel an improvement in your complaint, immediately check with your doctor or internist. Concerned, your complaint does occur related to an illness that requires further treatment so it does not end up being a dangerous complication.

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