The Cause Of Feeling Excessive Anxiety When Meeting Certain People?

Illustration of The Cause Of Feeling Excessive Anxiety When Meeting Certain People?
Illustration: The Cause Of Feeling Excessive Anxiety When Meeting Certain People?

Noon I want to ask, I often feel more anxiety. For example, if I ask for a lecturer, when I’m about to leave suddenly I will feel anxious and afraid that it will be too difficult for me to meet. I don’t know why and what I’m really worried about. I also avoid any kind of anxiety because they are worried about why I can’t attend. When in fact it’s only natural to think about it. When I stay still sometimes I think about why I like to worry too much, even though it won’t be done as well. Prefer to be alone and easily tired. I always think if I have a mental disorder and should I go to a psychiatrist? Thanks

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Hello Beautiful,

Thank you for the question.

Excessive anxiety and fear, difficulty concentrating, fond of being alone, and easily tired can occur purely because of reasonable vigilance and caution, but can also be due to psychiatric disorders, such as excessive anxiety disorders, social phobia, panic attacks, delusional disorders, personality disorders , schizoaffective disorders, schizophrenia, and so on. Other factors, such as thyroid gland disorders, anemia, hypoglycemia, heart problems, alcoholism, excessive consumption of caffeine, and unhealthy lifestyles can cause complaints like what you are experiencing right now.

Our advice, consult directly with your doctor or psychiatrist so that the condition is further evaluated, and determined whether it is still classified as a reasonable variation of behavior, or already includes psychiatric disorders. Depending on the cause, your doctor will treat you differently later.

In the meantime, what needs to be done is:

 Get to bed early and more regularly Increase relaxation and meditation Extend your relationships, get to know different types of people, learn their good qualities Prepare your days well, work hard and study to your best, so that you are ready to face all the tests and the worst possibilities in everyday life When you feel anxiety and fear, adjust your breath, make sure that you can get through it Focus on business, do not just worry about the results Live a healthy lifestyle Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and do not also drink excessive caffeinated beverages.

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