The Cause Of Feeling Lonely, Chaotic Feelings And Want To Commit Suicide?

Illustration of The Cause Of Feeling Lonely, Chaotic Feelings And Want To Commit Suicide?
Illustration: The Cause Of Feeling Lonely, Chaotic Feelings And Want To Commit Suicide?

, I want to ask. Lately, I often cry alone. Little things can be sensitive right away. Often feel lonely. Even though at home cool calm. Many friends. It’s just because of love, I guess. But if you feel yourself like it is chaotic, useless etc. Often think about suicide too. Insomnia too. I wonder why.?? Thank you

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Hello Anggria

Thank you for asking

Cry, frustration, and anger are pure human emotions that are completely normal. We've all felt it and will be able to continue to feel it until later. That's because anger and sadness is usually triggered by an event, experience, or situation in life that is difficult, painful, challenging, or disappointing. In other words, we tend to feel sad or angry about something.

Because sadness is a natural human reaction, this also means that when something has changed positively in your life or when we can move on to adjust and overcome the disappointment, the turmoil in the heart will fade and disappear completely.

But everyone's reaction to problems and moveon is different, but be aware that your sadness is depressed. Unlike ordinary sadness and anger, depression is not a natural condition to be found. Depression is a mental illness that can be triggered by long-term emotional and hormonal instability. Depression can also be triggered by a trauma in the past, such as a breakup. But in some cases, depression can appear without precedence by any trigger. Depression can have a bad impact on mood, feelings, stamina, appetite, sleep patterns, and the level of concentration of sufferers. When depressed, we will feel lost enthusiasm or motivation, despair and misery, constantly feeling sad and fail, and easily tired.

watch out for depressive symptoms such as:

 withdraw from the environment and the family feels sad, empty, or hopeless almost all day and almost every day. lost enthusiasm, motivation, energy, and stamina as if there was no hope of feeling guilty, failing, and being constantly thinking negatively (feeling inferior and worthless). easily disappointed, angry, and offended by excessive anxiety. difficult to undergo daily activities lost interest in things that are usually enjoyed by the thought of suicide and / or attempted suicide Symptoms of depression can be interpreted as ordinary sadness because it does not move on after a broken heart. However, if the feeling of sadness can pass with quickly, this condition can continue for six months or more. Depression makes you take longer to get back from everything.

So, immediately consult a doctor when your sadness and confusion do not start to improve after a few weeks, or if things get worse until you want to commit suicide you should immediately consult a psychiatrist about this so that the doctor can provide proper handling

There are several things you can do

 having to accept reality will make it easier for you to go through the ordeal, rather than trying to fight or reject it outright. keep busy and make yourself happy in your own way but in positive terms you can also watch a comedy movie, or take a vacation to a tourist spot. can tell your problem to the closest people you trust so that you are more relieved and can help you to rise from the sadness that you feel closer to God, avoid yourself when you are alone so that is the info we can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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