The Cause Of Fetal Head Circumference And The Stomach Is Not Symmetrical When 32 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fetal Head Circumference And The Stomach Is Not Symmetrical When 32 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fetal Head Circumference And The Stomach Is Not Symmetrical When 32 Weeks Pregnant?

Good afternoon, DokDok, I was just 32 years old at the age of 32 weeks, my fetus was not symmetrical about the circumference of the head and stomach. What is the cause? And it can still be fixed or not, so that it can be symmetrical

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Your current gestational age is 32 weeks, this means, at 32 weeks, it is expected that:

 your weight gain or weight of pregnant women is 8.8 kg fetal body weight around 1810 grams fetal length around 40cm fetal head circumference can range from 28-29.6 cm abdominal circumference around 26-28 cm. Thus, if the results of an ultrasound examination are still within the range of size, then this shows a reasonable value or still within normal limits. However, if the ultrasound examination results obtained are different from the fair examination value, then each indicator needs to be evaluated and ascertained the possible causes.

Evaluation of maternal health conditions, maternal weight gain, and fetal growth and development will serve as benchmarks for evaluating maternal and fetal health. For example, an increase in weight of a pregnant woman who is not suitable for her gestational age or is lower than she should, could risk causing fetal growth and development not going well, due to unbalanced food intake, nutrition that has not been fulfilled optimally or because of heavy work and rest which is not sufficiently fulfilled during this pregnancy period. These things will affect the process of pregnancy and fetal development.

In addition, the existence of a discrepancy in the results of examination of the growth and development of the fetus against gestational age, can also be caused by several medical conditions, such as:

 presence of digestive disorders in the mother, such as vomiting and / or diarrhea, which causes impaired nutritional balance of pregnant women anemia in pregnant women infections during pregnancy, such as toxoplasma infection, or cytomegalovirus infection placental disorders congenital abnormalities in the fetus If this asymmetry is triggered by the mother's nutritional intake that is not balanced, and / or a mother's weight gain that is not appropriate, then the gestation period which is still 32 weeks old can still be cultivated well until it reaches the recommended value during pregnancy (see table). However, if it is not related to maternal body weight, or this asymmetry is influenced by other medical conditions, then the cause of this symmetry should be confirmed in advance by your obstetrician's examination and evaluation.

When you control, you can discuss and ask your obstetrician directly regarding the possible causes of this asymmetry. The doctor can carry out further examinations relating to the possible cause of this complaint, either by blood examination or a further ultrasound examination to help identify the cause. Your obstetrician better understand the possible causes of this complaint, because your doctor is aware of your current clinical condition and health or during pregnancy. Therefore, discuss with your doctor, so you can do a lot of things during the period of independent care at home.

For the time being, several attempts you can make:

 adequate rest avoid staying up late at night when working, take a few days off for self-care enough water is enough nutritious food Thus the info we can convey.

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